My classroom called life…Kingdom lessons

My desire is to abide

Redemption Project December 17, 2008

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  • Unmixed with any other matter.
  • Free from dust, dirt or taint.
  • Spotless, stainless.
  • Free from harshness or roughness and being in tune – used of a musical note.
  • Free from what vitates, weakness or pollutes. 
  • Containing nothing that does not properly belong.
  • Free from moral guilt.
  • Marked by chastity.



 All lost from the first taste of sin. 

Restore… back to the Garden. 

Take me back to Eden Father.

  • Restorance to renew, rebuilt, alter.  Of in staurance to renew.
  • Give back, return.
  • To bring back to or put back into former or original state.
  • To put or bring back into existance or use.
  • To put again in possession of something.


  • To buy back.  Re-purchase.
  • To get or win back.
  • To make payment/ransome.
  • To extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental.
  • To release from blame of debt.  CLEAN.
  • To free from consequences of sin.
  • Change for the better – Reform.
  • Repair…Restore.
  • To vonvert into something of value.
  • To make good…fulfill.
  • To atone for.
  • To offset the bad effect of.
  • To make worthwhile.



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