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John and Lisa Bevere…Rock the house. December 10, 2008

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At church on Sunday (River of Life), the pastor announced that John Bevere would be speaking at a church in Cape G. later that night. WOW! Our TR team has been going through a few of his Bible studies…Under Cover and Driven by Eternity. They are stinkin’ amazing! Seriously, they make you pause. I love the way God pours His revelation through this man. I have yet to hear his wife, yet I hear she is just as dynamic.

So, I decided to go check it out, I was already going to be in Cape running errands anyway. It felt like an old friend got up to preach. I have become so accustomed to seeing this powerful over energetic spirit filled teacher that it just felt familiar. It was great hearing and seeing him in person. He spoke about his new Bible Study (that our leadership purchased – Praise GOD) called Honors Reward. A study on what it truly means to honor others – those in authority over you, peers, and those under your authority. I feel this is something our US church needs a wake up call in. Other countries out-do one another in honor, when many in our churches are out to only honor themselves. Ouch, but the truth hurts. We seriously need a shaking in our nation. It is on it’s way. I fear the church is not ready or prepared in their personal commitment and relationship with God that many will fall away. I prophesy strength and perseverance to the church in our nation. Okay, now that I am totally on a bunny trail…

Yes, this couple is AMAZING! They are doing the stuff. It is great hearing their testimonies. I have never heard Lisa preach, nor have I read a book of hers – YET. I am excited about the book I just picked up at the back table – “Fight Like a Girl”. I just started it yesterday and I love this woman’s writing style. She writes like I speak. lol. I love it! I love her. I hope to meet her someday. She doesn’t mess around, she just lays it out there. Creative and humble. This book, as far as I know (from the first chapter or so) is all about God restoring true femininity (that is a hard word to say by the way – try it. Now ten times fast) in women and the Body of Christ. Women need to understand who they are as God’s creation. We need to appreciate the gift that other women are in the Body. Restoring the original plan God had in Eden. Man, Eve, what were you thinking?!? If only you would have ate from ALL the other trees – we would be fine. Just Kidding. I don’t blame Eve. We are all daughters of Eve.

Check out this ministry. They are doing some fabulous things overseas – teaching material is being translated into MANY different languages to help prepare pastors, teachers and leaders of other countries. They are also doing work with the sex slave industry (in helping girls get set free) in Thailand. Check them out. Sow into their ministry if you feel lead. I have been not only blessed, but rocked from the inside out after doing just a couple of their Bible Studies.


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One Response to “John and Lisa Bevere…Rock the house.”

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the shout out! Totally rocks! Love your passion!

    Wanted to let you know John & Lisa Bevere actually just launched their blog. Would love for you to follow!

    Blessings to you!!

    …Oh! and the Pearl Alliance blog is on the new Pearl Alliance site!

    We truly appreciate your support!

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