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The Key of David… December 5, 2008

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I am in complete AWE of my Creator!

Vision while praying at the CHOP this morning about the high school…

I saw an ancient gate that had been closed for years.  A man approached this beautiful gate with a large key.  He inserted the key into the keyhole and opened the gates wide.  Out of the gates came the presence of the glory of the Lord.  It was a powerful picture.

I believe this is what the Lord is going at the Cairo High School.

Psalm 24 speaks of the ancient gates opening for the King of Glory to ENTER!

The Key of David will OPEN the ancient GATE at the High School.  For the past three years some of us have been consistently praying at the high school on Thursday mornings, asking for breakthrough.  Started in the hallway, moved to the band room (even did a bit of worship), next to a small computer room, to the principals office (due to a fire starting in that small computer room – lol), at the flag pole, and now back to the hallway (actually we can still do it in the Principal’s office, the hallways gives more freedom for worship and loudness – which I LOVE!).  So, today we were back in that tucked away hallway.

TWO students joined us.  These gals had actually been praying together in the bathroom before school.  They go to a ligit church in town that is big on holiness and purity – WHICH WE ALL SHOULD BE!  Anyway, they stick out like crazy because they truly try living a right life before the Lord.  I love them.  Some of my closest friends in Cairo belong to this church.  Anyway, back to my morning.  These girls don’t mess around either.  They jumped right into intercession and worship.  I gave one my Bible to read from it – wherever she felt lead.  These kids actually READ their Bibles too!  Yeah, another thing that we should all be doing.  “R” read from Ezekiel – asking the Lord to turn hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.  Next “J” read from Ezekiel 37 – Asking the Lord to raise up the dry bones in the high school.

Woah!  Stop and savor the moment.  These young women are PROPHESYING over their generation!  This is POWERFUL stuff!

Probably one of my favorite mornings – ever.
I know it will only get better.

I had a vision of students praising Jesus in the morning – like a little HOP (House of Prayer) in the High School.  Probably in the band room, Ms. Harper is down with it.  I pictured some of us TR staff in the band room worshipping Jesus, students joined in with their voices and instruments.  It was totally organic, students joining in, picking up their instruments and just getting after it.  I LOVE IT!  Jesus, have your way in the hearts of the high school students.

PS  We had a husband/wife couple from Paducah (just moved there a few weeks ago on an assignment of the Lord) just came to our worship last Friday and prophesied a coming REVIVAL in the High School.  That the Lord was bringing the EVANGELISTS to Cairo, and some were coming OUT of the High School! Yes and Amen! I agree with your heart Jesus. Have your way in the lives of the teenagers.

Oh, a quick prayer request…I am having a movie night with the teen girls (inviting about 30 – we’ll see who shows up) on Saturday night. Pray for the Lord to stir their hearts a they watch the impactful movie “Bella” which was written and produced by Christians. If you are unfamiliar – I suggest checking it out, it is my new fav.


(I wrote a blog about this a while back – search Eduardo Verastegui on the right side and the trailer might pop up along with a couple interviews with this amazing man of God who has gotten his life rocked by the Savior).


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