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Day 2 November 20, 2008

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So, I am a little late in writing this one.  I have to do a

quick catch up because I am so tired.  The days have been packed full. 

Yesterday was day 2 for our Biloxi mission trip.  I ended up working with the other group, taking over for Stacy while she was at the free clinic with Marcia.  As we entered the house, I was so glad it was MUCH smaller than the house I had worked on the first day.  The projects that need to be completed in this house are many, but are all in the living room and bathroom: putting in insulation in the walls and cieling, sheet rock installed in the ceiling, bathroom walls, install the toilet, and shower walls, install the heating element, tile the bathroom floor and install the laminet flooring in the living room.  We were able to get a great start on the house, it felt really good to do some hard work. 


The bathroom wasn’t put togteher yet, so we didn’t have a toilet at the house.  Considering I have to pee about every hour, this was a bit of a problem.  So, I took a walk down to the elementary school a block away to see if the administration would allow us to use their facilities, considering we were helping restore their community.  Even though they decided not to let us use their restroom, I was still able to meet some folks that work at the school and after chatting with them a while was able to pray with them.  A couple custodial staff were outside having a smoke across the street when I came out of the school, so we started talking.  I asked if the woman had a need for physical healing in her body.  She said, “Oh, hunny, too many pains in my body.”  She wasn’t specific, but that didn’t matter, the Father knew exactally what she was refering to.  As I started praying, I saw a vision of her getting up in the middle of the night with back pain.  So, I prayed into that vision, asking the Lord to heal her back so she wouldn’t be sitrred with pain in the middle of the night anymore.  Amen.  She gave me this look, as if she was thinking, “How in the WORLD did you know that?!?”  I told her that I didn’t, but the Lord did and His Spirit revealed it to me to pray over her.  I reminded her that if she had recieved Christ, the Spirit was in her too and would do the same as she encouraged others and was abiding (John 15) in Him.  How cool!  Thanks Lord for that divine apointment.  Also, I had prayed that I would get to see the inside of one of the schools down here in Mississippi.  Praise God!


The day of work ended with me having a severe case of jello arm, some refer to it as spaghehtti arm.  The technical definition of jello arm – When one exutes tremendous energy and pressure in one arm such as drilling screws into dry wall above one’s head for prolonged periods of time arm becomes limp and tired like jello or a noodle.  Yes, that is from Carney’s dictionary.


For dinner, we had some delicious shrimp jumbolia, shrimp scampi (I’m talkin’ about 8-10 count shrimp), hush puppies, and potatos.  Yummy!  The food here is stinkin’ amazing.  You would think I was staying at a bread and breakfast.  I would like to take Joseph and Kathy back home with me to Cairo so they can keep cooking for me.  Pocket people, you know what I’m talking about.  People that are just too cute or too amazing that you want to put them in your pocket and take them home with you.


Okay, before I fall over from sleep deprovation, I am signing off for now.  I will post pics with this post later on.


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