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Blessings from heaven… November 17, 2008

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God has been blessing my socks off lately!  Really, each week when our team gathers for our staff meeting we begin with highlights from the last week.  Usually there are too many to recount!  So, I decided to begin a little list.  These are blessings from the past couple weeks, no last couple months (not in chronological order).


  • Two Rivers was able to move the computer lab into the Shawnee Ext. in town.  We have a unique partnership now with the college – in fact, Kristy is even employeed by them to run the lab.
  • Our home (aka. Hannah’s House/CHOP – Cairo House of Prayer) is now mostly complete.  Over the past three years hundreds of volunteers have spent time getting the house ready.  God has provided for the materials and labor.
  • My sister is ENGAGED to Israel Heard, a wonderful man of God who I look forward to getting to know better as he becomes my brother in law.
  • New doors are opening in my family – communication, love, serving each other.  Praise God!
  • My friend Anthony in town is teaching me how to play the keyboard.  He is pretty much a rock star – oober talented and patient.  Thanks Jesus.
  • God is anointing me to write songs and record them.  Yipppeeeeee.
  • My friends (away from Cairo) are really growing in the Lord.  I am hearing amazing testimonies from their mouths of the goodness of the Lord.
  • In the midst of financial struggle for our nation, I am not stressed or anxiety filled.  The Lord has been my provider and continues.  In fact, the more I give (by direction of the Spirit), the more He provides.
  • My confidence has grown for being in Cairo for another season, as long as it lasts.  I really feel like Cairo is home (one of my homes :)).  No that is not a double chin, it is a double parenthasis. lol.
  • God is constantly reconnecting me with old friends from high school and college. 
  • New friends want to join my support team.
  • My Bible study with the kiddos has expanded from 1 to 2 to 4.
  • The Bible study is now held at one of the kid’s homes.  I will write a seperate blog for this one!
  • God has given more favor in the community – people are trusting us and calling us in crisis situations (daughter running away/daughter needing a place to stay…)
  • I am on a mission trip with our Colfax (IL) friends in Biloxi, MS and I didn’t have to pay a cent.  More importantly, God has built a unique partnership with this group.  First they came to Cairo on a mission trip, next we went for a visit to Colfax for Harvest of Hope, and now we are serving TOGETHER in Biloxi.
  • New doors are opening at the high school.  I have been volunteering in the junior high math classes (the high school and junior high are combined), and now I help out in the band class once in a while.  I have been helping take pictures for the yearbook.
  • The Bennett Elementary students trained for a 3 mile race for 5 weeks.  I was able to help out two days a week and ended up running the race with them.  I beat my time too.
  • I have started working with a small group of boys to help them record their beats and rap.  They are only allowed to rap about Jesus and the Kingdom when they record with us.  I am AMAZED at the lyrics that come out of their mouths!  The Holy Spirit is totally speaking through them.
  • We had more regional friends coming to our Friday worship time.
  • I have “randomly” met new friends in Paducah, KY while hanging out at the Books a Million coffee shop.  Friends that are wanting to come to Cairo for a visit and to join our team in fellowship.
  • Started going to a new church in Paducah, KY – Faith Center.  I am blown away by the way these people conduct church.  It is not your typical bless me club, but true preaching and true community of believers who have faith in an almighty God. 
  • Southern IL is going to have a Call – a gathering of saints for worship and intercession.  God is gathering the believers in this region, something we have been praying for for three years.  Others have been praying for this for over 20 years.
  • Amand and Jess (who both worked with Two Rivers and lived with Stacy and I) are now working with Adventures in Missions (in Gainsville, GA) with Community Life.  Basically a program that is very similar to what we do in Cairo. They came on a mission trip to Cairo a couple weeks ago, which was an incredible blessing to both us and them.

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