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American Holocaust. November 11, 2008

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Eduardo Verastegui put together this video to bring awareness to the holocaust that is happening in America.  I usually don’t post such politically charged stuff on my blog, however, I thought this was worth posting. 

<a href=”“>Dura Realidad (The Hard Truth) Video

There are parts of this video that are EXTREMELY graphic; but it is real.  Please don’t bypass the whole video because of the visuals, you can click forward to his message – which is worth hearing.  We need to know what our president stands for, and be praying for his heart to change.

<a href=”“>The Call Video

This video was put together to rally the saints to pray in DC this summer prior.  Most of my team actually went to DC to join in repenting on behalf of our nation.  They prayed, they worshipped, they interceded, they prophesied LIFE, they did warfare (spiritually speaking).  After watching this video I was taken back by the stronghold pornography has on our country.  BLOWN AWAY! 
The issue is much deeper…let us join together in prayer for our nation.

The Call


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