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My first race! November 9, 2008

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Today I surprised myself.
Today I ran a 5K race in Cairo.
Today I surpassed my goal time in completing the race.
Today I was proud of myself.
Today I recognized that running is 75% mental.

The students at Bennett have been training for the Levee Race for the past five weeks (3 days/week). Most of them have been pretty dedicated to the practices, and most of them showed up today for the race. I was so proud of these 5th and 6th graders, for their accomplishments, for their perseverance, for their motivation and drive to complete the race. They were originally training for a 1.4 mile race, but each one of them decided to do the 5K (3 mile) run. p1010080


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  1. charredsmore Says:

    Help a sister out, I can’t figure out how to upload a picture to a somewhat normal size. Either it is too tiny or HUGE or there are three of them. lol.


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