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10 Commandments – According to Ms. G’s Class November 7, 2008

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Moses and the 10 commandments were discussed today in Ms. G’s class while I was volunteering in her classroom.  Praise the Lord – His word is going forth in History class.

As they discussed the 10 commandments, I guess I wasn’t surprised at the way they interpreted God’s law…


  -Do not give false testimony about your neighbor = Don’t lie on anyone.

 -Do not use the Lord’s Name in vein = Don’t cuss God out. 

After discussing this one I heard a couple students say, “God forgive me!”

Repentance in the classroom; incredible.

 -Shall not commit adultery.  One girl says, “At church they talked about whore mongers.”  After three times in asking what she said, Ms. G still didn’t understand what the student was trying to say and gave up trying – good thing.  I had to cover my face with a book I was laughing so hard. 

“That’s fornication.”

Another girl said, it means you shouldn’t mess around with your neighbor.”

Tune in next time for more revelation from the 6th grade class. 

Pray the Word of God would be hidden in their hearts.  There are quite a few Christians in this class.  I love the fact that they are doing Bible Study during the school day.  Thanks for being an amazing teacher Ms. G.


4 Responses to “10 Commandments – According to Ms. G’s Class”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I’m so glad now I know what she was saying! Apparently I wasn’t supposed to know! Thanks for writing about what is going on in my classroom. It is fun to look back on fun situations such as these! 🙂

  2. charredsmore Says:

    Whore monger! lol. Who even says that word anymore? Apparentley the folks at her church.

  3. paulwwalters Says:

    You get to talk about the 10 Commandments in school? Wow

  4. amanda Says:

    HI-larious! those kids are too precious. love those fun days!

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