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Your Kingdom Come November 5, 2008

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Some put their hope in man, while I choose to put my hope in a LIVING GOD. Some believe that our nation can be turned around by one man. I believe that our nation can be turned by the power of the Spirit.

Our nation is going through the fire right now. There will be things our generation has NEVER experienced, we have no idea the things that are to come. We are living in Matthew 24…prophesy being fulfilled before the King returns to the Earth.

I believe that in the midst of trouble, trials, and tribulation the Kingdom of God can still be flourishing. Yes, I believe that God is raising up His people, the people that are called by His NAME. I do believe that when Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on Earth as it IS in Heaven,” He wasn’t messing around. Jesus is not a liar, so I am going to keep praying this prayer, and I suggest you do the same. You see, the Kingdom of God can be flourishing even when the Kingdom of this world is falling apart.

Do not grow weary in well doing brothers and sisters, for in the end we will reap a harvest of righteousness. It’s a promise. Our God doesn’t mess around. Trust in Him alone. He is able.  Raise up Church.  Wake up Bride.  You are royalty, you are called to reign with the King of Glory! 

Let us cry out with ONE voice, “Your Kingdom Come!”

“If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”
~1 Chronicles 7:14

A letter to God written by Sara Rust, the night before Elections:

Dear God,

I thank you, Lord for the words of Paul, his consistent confession that he was not eloquent. I think I rarely have moments of eloquence, though I often yearn for them. Especially now a days, Lord. I wish I had all the perfect words and powerful prose to communicate all you put on my heart, but my words are continually feeble. My thoughts seem persistently sparse. I am increasingly becoming a fool to the world.

I pray for our country, Lord. I pray you would teach me how to pray for our new leadership. I feel like I’m watching Israel cry out for a King and wondering if you will answer with a Saul. I long for that day when we won’t have to settle for fallen men to lead us in fallen ways. I long for the day when we won’t be molded by the media to believe whatever it wants us to believe. I long for the day when the church won’t compromise, and she would remember who she is and the authority she has – that she would remember when the righteous rule, everyone is blessed, as Your Word says- and not that it’s about choosing that perfect candidate, but about the church as a body, stepping up to reign with Christ here and now. Remind your bride that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God, would you raise up someone who fears you, who knows they are not the savior, the answer, but a servant above all.

I know, Lord there is so much that grieves your heart in my country. 50 million little babies gone. I know it’s not just another issue to you, who formed them in their mother’s wombs and knew them before time began. I know Lord it’s not just a pro or con I can weigh in the balances of decision making. It hurts you, It breaks your heart. This hidden holocaust. I’m so sorry, Jesus. I’m so sorry we’ve made it into just another issue with no conviction in our hearts, we go on like nothing has happened because it’s all conveniently out of sight. God would you raise up your bride to be your bride! A new creation, with a citizenship in heaven that she would not operate out of the logic and methods of this world, but walk with the wisdom of God – eyes open, ears open to your Spirit. We look so much like the world, Lord, let us be conformed more and more into your likeness.

So teach me, Lord. Teach me how to pray. Teach me how to be a citizen in heaven, but a participant here on earth. Teach me how to walk according to your Word and for the purposes for Your Kingdom. May my faith not be an extracurricular activity, a half-hearted spiritual luxury. May I walk by faith and not sight. May I esteem no man over you. May I vote and support not based on man’s principles, or to create a “Christian political machine” but simply to honor you, to bless you, to align with Your Kingdom.

I trust you, Lord. You are the only change I can believe in. So I ask tomorrow, Lord that you would bless Israel. That you would remember the unborn. That you would silence the enemies and the lies and confusion he has unleashed on our country. Lift the veil. I’m not asking for a certain candidate, Lord, I’m asking for your will.

Open a door, Lord that many would be saved. Have mercy, bring us to that place of repentance. Let us not build our own kingdoms, but be drawn into Yours. Awaken your bride, Lord.

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One Response to “Your Kingdom Come”

  1. charredsmore Says:

    And yes I used my freedom to vote yesterday, knowing that whoever was elected, I would still have these thoughts swirling through my mind and heart.

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