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The Father’s Opus November 3, 2008

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A scene flows through my imagination from (the movie) “Mr. Holland’s Opus”… As the humble band director approaches the stage, knees shaking, a lump within his throat he holds in the tears and slowly lifts his button. Looking into the eyes of each and every member of the band, alumni students as well as current students fill the chairs; they raise their instruments. Tears roll down my cheeks as I consider the beauty of this moment.

Mr. Holland had been composing this wonderful work of art for years, during free moments in between teaching band. His dream, his masterpiece, his baby. Finally the day had arrived for him to hear all the instruments together, from the very people he had instructed and prepared.

Is this what the Father experiences, sitting in the hevenlies? Creating each individual piece. Consider this a parallel to the Father’s work in us, after all we are His students. Teaching us as we learn how to make a joyful noise with our instruments. Guiding us, ushering us into new sounds, techniques and blends. Each one of us is being prepared, taught from the master Himself through the Holy Spirit. Each one of us has been given a “piece” to practice and complete. Each one of us has a choice – to follow him or create our own path. Each one of us can be part of something bigger, if we choose. Think about listening to the flute’s part, now think about listening to the flute’s part within the whole orchestra. The richer, fuller sound is obvious. Now think about your life, your piece, your instrument. Are you playing solo or within the orchestra?

Awaiting the time of true unity for the orchestra to come together. Seeing only in the realm of eternity the display of perfect unity as many instruments sound as one.

Ahhhh…the majesty.

I long to hear the sound of the Father’s Opus.


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