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Our New Home…Welcome to the CHOP November 3, 2008

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Two Rivers Ministry has been going through LOTS of transition lately…

Recently we moved out of the Old St. Joe School and into “Hannah’s House” which we are now calling CHOP (Cairo House of Prayer). I believe we are walking more into our identity and destiny as a House of Prayer. During Riverboat Days we had an open house to welcome the community into our new place. It was great walking them through the house.

The story behind the house…

Originally purchased by TR Ministry at a tax auction for under 500 buckeroos. That’s right friends, you can buy a house for under $500 in Cairo. If you are looking to invest…I suggest buying a house in Cairo. You might not see the rewards and benefits right away, but I believe this will be a city of refuge one day, a place of protection. Off topic, more on that later. Anyway, we have spent the past three years fixing up this little house. First, gutting it out completely, cutting away the brush and branches that were covering the house, insulating it, new dry wall, wiring, plumbing, flooring, painting, cleaning and…voila we have a new house! Many thanks to those who have come through town to work on the house, those who have donated monies, those who purchased the windows, and have prayed! Without all of you this dream would not have become a reality. The upstairs is still in need of some work, but hey, the Adventures in Missions crew is on their way (today) to help out with that. 🙂 We actually have heat in this house! PTL! At the school we had a condemned boiler system and used space heaters for the past three winters! AHHHHHHHHHH, it feels so good to be in a warm house. Now, if only our toilet worked! lol. That’s another story.

For those who have NOT yet seen the house, please come by for a visit – if you are in town or 17 hours away, you are always welcome at the CHOP.

PS We even have sweatshirts now! A designed them, they are pretty sweet. If you want one, we’ll hook you up (for about $35.00), let me know. 🙂


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