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Learning is FUN! November 3, 2008

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Recently I watched the Ron Clark Academy, which is based on a true story.  A man named Ron Clark ventures off to teach in Harlem, after a few years of teaching in his hometown.  The challenges and victories he faces within his career are depicted in this movie, along with his creative approach to reaching children.  I was so encouraged after watching this movie that I just may take the test to get my teaching license (I have been thinking about this for a couple months now). 

He was awarded “Teacher of the Year” a couple years back , wrote “The 55 Essential”, and now has an Academy in ATL for students.  It is a private school that is funded through in-kind donations from all sorts of businesses (computers, airline tickets, uniforms…) and individuals.  After watching this clip, I decided that I want to enroll in the Ron Clark Academy and retake 6th grade!  lol.  I do want to go for a visit to observe the classroom instruction and glean anything I can from positive, encouraging, and motivating learning enviornments. 

Check out this interview with Ron Clark

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