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A happy mother’s day April 12, 2008

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I went over to visit my sweet friend at the Delta House. This place is a transitional housing facility for people who suffer from mental illness. Usually we just spend time chatting, sharing scriputre, praying and sometimes singing together. I always leave with a little boost of faith, as this woman has had such an unusual, yet faith inspiring journey. She truly exibits “faith like a child”. She has such a kind and generous heart, seeking to be obedient to the Father. Today our time together was a bit different.

As I knocked on her door, a woman in the hallway said, “She’s over here at the party, come on in a join us.” I walked in not quite knowing the purpose of their jovial celebration, but was warmly welcomed non the less. There were only about 6 women there, one was the guest of honor. She was a bit older than the rest. She had name tags on that said, “Mother,” “Mom,” and “Mama”. I still was uncertain about why they were gathering around this woman, considering it was not her birthday.

A candle was lit and as they passed it along, they each spoke heartfelt words of appreciation and gratitude for this “Mother” being a special part of their life. They were honoring her as their “mother,” and gave her this title since she had acted as a mother in each one of their lives whether moments of joy or grief. Their own mothers had already passed away and they valued this woman so dearly that they gave her this position and title of being their “second mother”. I nearly cried as I heard the kind words spoken over this women. I forgot to mention, they opened in prayer and even read scriptures to their “mother” speaking of love, and Proverbs 31 was even read to her (A woman of virtuous character). She was blessed. “You all make me feel so special This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me,” she exclaimed through tears.

I was overwhelmed. Here in one of the most unlikely of places, His Kingdom has come.




In the midst of mental illness, in the midst of “the least of these”, in the midst of racial difference – love.

Love, it is the greatest.

God is filling this place. He loves His precious sheep here at the Delta House. As I pondered on this moment I was in awe of the goodness of our God. Creating community in such a “dark” place.

Come Holy Spirit, Come.


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