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SMG: Day 41 April 4, 2008

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This afternoon the whole staff met to go through “Steps to Freedom”, which was put together by Neil Anderson.  Gary and Sharon had gone to a training seminar a couple weekends back and wanted to lead us through these steps.  All of us have gone through inner healing stuff before, but it was good to again recognize our need.  We may recieve more training this summer, but our hope is to walk through this with people in the community.  I am not really a counselor, but the Holy Spirit IS, and we approach it that way.  Leading them to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to heal their wounds.  I am asking for wisdom as we enter this “new door”, I don’t take lightly that the Lord is entrusting His sheep to us.  They are His people, and we need to handle their lives with care.  Pray for us that wisdom and discernment would abound as we walk this road of inner healing with the people in our community. 

Uprising was mobile again this week – brought worship to the Club House building at Elmwood.  Talk about a modge podge group of people coming together.  Usually this group is composed mostly of children, and the only adults are the Two Rivers staff along with our regulars.  This time however, there were only a few kids and many adults.  People came who we have been building relationships with for the past few years.  It was so interesting as I looked around the room.  We really are a group of misfits!  Young, old, black, white, recovering addicts, people suffering from mental illness…sinners the Lord has redeemed.  That’s what it comes down to, we all have been made clean only by His sacrifice and resurrection.  We have been delivered and set free. 

Earlier today our team was practicing worship – the harp and bowl method.  This is probably on my top ten list of favorite things to do.  I was created to worship (and that doesn’t always include singing).  “Harp and bowl” refers to the golden bowls of incense that are filled with the prayers of the saints (noted in Revelation).  Let me break it down: We have a couple people on guitar and usually one playing the keyboard as we sing.  Someone will lead a prayer (taken from scripture – sometimes called an Apostolic prayer) and we will sing about it.  Of course there are little cues and there is a bit to say about getting comfortable with this new method of worship, but I love it!  You sing the scripture, you sing what is in your spirit, you sing a new song to the Lord.  It’s all pretty much amazing if you haven’t tried before, I strongly encourage it.  You can even be by yourself with the Lord and sing out scripture to Him. 


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