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SMG: Day 39 April 4, 2008

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Power is released in reflection.  Today I gave a good friend advice to look back at the last three months in reflection, noting the goodness of the LORD.  Really, this is our testimony.  In fact, we overcome the evil one through our testimony.  Check out Revelation 12:11,

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

I thought I would go ahead and do this little exercise myself.  Usually my head is in the clouds day dreaming about the future…today the journey will lead me back to the end of December.

December:  God began placing a new type of ministry on my heart.  He gave me the opportunity to pray for musicians (Check out my old blog: Divine Appointments).  New connections, new friends at One Thing Conference in Kansas City, MO.  A new stirring in my heart to pray for people in Hollywood, famous people.  Wasn’t too much on the radar before December. 


January:  The Lord takes me on a journey, unfolding a vision of a ministry that beautifully weaves pieces of my heart together.  Desires that He had placed on my heart begin to be written in this proposal.  He brings connections that will probably be utilized when this becomes a reality.  Sorry for being vague, I’m still protecting this vision a bit – people know, but not many.  I’m still praying about it and asking for the Lord’s timing in releasing it.  I went to CA – traveling the coast of the state.  Visiting other prayer type ministries, even one in Hollywood.  I was pleasantly surprised to find like-minded believers so quickly in this state.  My dream (literally, I had two night dreams about going to San Jose – otherwise not on my to-do list) of traveling to San Jose, CA became a reality as I was able to visit the House of Prayer.  Went to the OC to visit some old friends through YouthWorks – that was also amazing.  God uses the vision (noted above) to refine me – waiting, trusting, timing, submitting under authority.  Gary and Sharon had some challenging, yet fruitful conversations with me about these things.  Two of my best friends from WI come to visit on a weekend we had a bunch of hoo-ha going on here in Cairo.  These sisters have been wanting to visit for a while, and the Lord had strategic timing for them to come – during a big prayer gathering.  I was so blessed to have them here.


February:  Learning how to wait.  I’m not really good at it.  Patience is a fruit of the Spirit – and it IS available to me.  So, yes, I am learning how to wait.  My sweet friend from college/YW/Two Rivers – Amanda came back to Cairo after her year long hoopla around the world with AIM (check out her blog on the right side if you are interested in reading about her adventures).  God unfolds a vision for her about Hashem House (see her other blog for more information).  God brings favor with new friendships.  I begin tutoring a teen girl in math.  I start the SMG experiment. 


March:  Support begins to filter through my little PO Box.  Our friend from Colfax miraculously supports Sara (for the whole year!) and each of us $100/month.  Two other friends from Colfax come to visit, sweet time of fellowship over a Mexican dinner.  This little church in Colfax is getting rocked by the Lord (P.S. We are going there this coming weekend to build deeper relationships, lead worship, and experience their world).  Laurie joins our staff team!  Praying more with community members who are experiencing victory in their lives.  Women’s ministry begins to explode for me – without even striving, it just sort of happens.  Easter celebration!  The grand finale of the month is the turning of a new year for me – I turned 28! 


So, there you go.  I think this little exercise was more for me than anything. 

Looking back I am amazed by my God, at what He has done in 2008. 

It is only April, I wonder what other surprises He has for me? 


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