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SMG: Day 36 March 28, 2008

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tullip-trees.jpgtulip tree 

Happy Easter. 

Jesus has risen!

We rose much earlier than a normal Sunday, all bundled up we drove off to the Kentucky cross.  Only 10 minutes away, this ginormous cross sets the scene for a beautiful sunrise.  Melissa pulled out her guitar and lead us in some familiar worship songs as we reflected on the beauty of our Savior. 

Today I reconnected with a sweet friend, we had a good time of prayer over the phone.  What a dear friend, so encouraging.

Stacy and I started a new tradition of eating tuna-fish sandwiches (from Subway – my fav.) on Easter.  This is in lieu of a comment little “M” made about the resurrected Jesus eating tuna-fish sandwiches with his friends.

In celebrating Easter we grilled out and cozzied up around the bonfire.  It was great hosting people at the house, including some of Jesse’s mom, sister, brother in law, nephew, and even some close friends of his family.  Although it was a bit random, I’m starting to like random for the holidays.  We had a wonderful time visiting with our new friends.  In a conversation I was asked about my time in Cairo and the difference between when I first arrived to now.  Reflecting on this, I realized how much the Lord has refined me through the process of being here.  Even in my perspective towards “ministry”.  Someone made the comment, “You were the answer to someones prayers by coming here and sharing your life.”  I replied, “And they were the answer to mine.”  A prayer asking to transformed and molded.  I came here as this person who thought they had all the answers, an idealistic, passionate ambassador for Christ.  Maybe I still am, but something has changed.  I am different.  I view people differently.  No longer do I see myself as someone bringing the answers, someone fixing people’s lives.  How prideful!  To think that I could bring change.  Not really.  The only thing I can offer to these people is the Spirit within and a friendship.  I have realized that most ministry happens in the context of relationship. 

Yes, these new friends in Cairo are the answer to my prayers.   
I have been waiting to share something special with my mom, a vision, for about three months now.  This vision is something I feel the Lord is leading me to…in the future.  With hesitation and excitement I emailed it off to her. 

A day for New Beginnings.


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