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SMG: Day 34 March 22, 2008

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Friday again, these weeks fly by so quickly!  For those who are just jumping in on my blog world, I should give a little update as to what “SMG” is all about.  I have been doing a “Surprise Me God” experiment, each day asking Him to surprise me.  Sometimes this comes as a new revelation, encouragement, new friendships, provision, or whatever – I just ask that my eyes are opened to receive.  I only have 10 days left, as I will complete this experiment on my Birthday, March 31st – SMG:  Day 44.  But let’s be honest, the experiment won’t stop, I just won’t write about it everyday.  Being a follower of Christ is an adventure and He always has surprises for us. 

I drove over to pick her up…for the fifth/sixth week in a row.  It gets a bit frustrating, but it’s always worth it. 

She says she wants to come, she says she’ll be there at her house ready to go, and she’s sincere. 

The pulls of the world suck her in and Friday night she is nowhere to be found. 

Freedom – she cries out for freedom. 

Freedom from her lifestyle, from her abusive boyfriend, from drugs, from alcohol, from her “job”, she craves freedom. 

God is after her heart, her whole heart, her whole life. 

He is chasing after this one. 

He sees her. 

He knows her. 

“K” who I mentioned a couple days ago is getting rocked.  I drove up to the center and saw him standing in the parking lot waiting.  Who was he waiting for?  His twin sister and mother were on their way to come to “church” with him.  His other sister, brother in law, and great nephew were already inside.  Let the party begin!  Woah, I was so surprised to see this man at Uprising.  I mean, here is a man who has his own story, the story that is all too familiar in Cairo.  He had worshipped with us about a month ago at Elmwood after “randomly” running into us.  “K” is different, so different it was hard to recognize this fellow.  I told him and asked what was so different.  “I’ve been on a three year drinking binge, today is the first day I have not drank.”  Hallelujah!  He shocked his family by calling them and inviting them to church, they jumped on it and came – his twin sister from Kentucky.  They spent the day taking their mother out for a drive and out to eat.  She was thrilled, hadn’t been out of the house for a month.  The Lord is doing a mighty work in “K” and in the process bringing his family together. 
Worship was a bit different, Good Friday service.  Sara put together a lovely combination of scripture reading, communion, candles, and music from the Passion of Christ.  Since we do not have an Easter service, we didn’t want to end with all the lights low, but instead to CELEBRATE the resurrected Christ!  There was worship music playing, but not live from the stage, this time it was from our itunes library, a mixture of reflective and celebratory tunes.  At first I thought, “What are these people going to think?  Are they comfortable?”  We were dancing around the room with banners and raising our hands to the Lord.  Their little boy picked up a piece of material and so did his grandmother.  We danced around the cross, integrating some of our Jewish style dancing.  After a couple songs, I could sense they did feel comfortable.  Gary got on the mic and explained our ministry, to paint a picture of who we are and what we do.  He thanked them for coming and told them we would have a few more worship songs and they could leave at anytime.  They stayed.  At the end we opened it up for people to receive prayer.  Surprisingly, both of “K’s” sisters and even his mom wanted prayer.  We prayed over them and the Father’s heart was expressed.  God is so good.  He is bringing healing and wholeness to this family.  I love seeing the Spirit at work.  Thank you Lord for this family.


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