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SMG: Day 33 March 22, 2008

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Before I even write about the events of today, I wanted to share with you some great quotes from my little friend “M”.  He is a 2nd grader who participates in our afterschool ministry on Tuesdays – Elmwood Club House.  A 46 year old trapped in a 7 year old’s body.  Seriously, he says the most profound things sometimes during our Bible study.  Every Tuesday I come home thinking, I need a “M board” for quotes, he is so funny!  Sara beat me to writing a blog about this, so I will direct you to her website:

“Out of the mouth of Babes”

God is in the business of transforming lives.  It is evident through many people’s lives in Cairo.  We are seeing His fingerprints on people here who once struggled with addiction, mental illness, violence…

For the past couple weeks I have been going to visit a community friend.  Although I have only known this woman for a couple years, she has shared much of her story with me.  Single mom of a 6 year old, in and out of mental hospitals, her daughter in and out of foster care providers…the story continues.  Recently the court case was finalized that she will now have full custody over her precious little daughter, she is a capable, fit mother.  When I saw her this week I was overwhelmed with the goodness of the Lord.  He has plucked this woman from the pits.  She is filled with joy, hope, and perseverance.  She is determined.  She is a fighter in the faith.  As I observed her sharing her struggles and victories, I was amazed at what this woman has walked through.  Victory is hers in Jesus.  Now she is looking forward to moving into an independent living facility in town.  She takes care of her own bills (her own payee) which is something her social workers told her would never happen.  She now has four little jobs that she thanks God for every day.  Her childlike faith is so encouraging.  She is a generous woman who seeks opportunities to serve.  On different occasions she has come early to our Friday night service helping with the meal and staying after to clean up – even taking the dish towels home to wash them for us.  I praise God for she is a first-fruit of what He is doing in this community. 

Continue to pray for this woman as she walks through complete healing and victory!


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