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SMG: Day 32 March 22, 2008

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Today we served a delicious Easter meal at the Kitchen Table.  It will be the last meal served there until Tuesday due to Holy week.  I nearly forgot as I was inviting people to bring their Bibles on Friday.  One gentleman asked, “Where will we do Bible study since you will be closed on Friday?”  I can see the hunger in him for more.  This was the same gentleman that when I asked for favorite Psalms, noted Psalm 119.  Yes, there is hunger here, and not just for a hot meal.  I keep praying the Lord would bring FREEDOM to the captives.  Lord, bring your sweet freedom.

Gary and Sharon graciously accepted their invitation to celebrate with a Southern Baptist Church, Gary forgetting all about the men’s Bible study he usually leads on Wednesday night.  Jesse and Greg decided to go for it anyway, and drove over to pick up a man we met at our Uprising service about a month ago.  When Jesse called to see if they could pick him up for Bible study, the mother, (who is nearly 90 years old) who had mistaken him for one of her son’s drinking buddies responds back with a sharp, “The hell you are!”  Regardless of this conversation Jesse and Greg go over to pick him up for Bible Study.  They end up doing the study there, except for the fact that Greg and Jesse didn’t even have their Bible’s with them.  I guess the whole thing was pretty comical as they sat around the kitchen table reading the scriptures with one another.  That’s the body (of Christ) right there – Jesse – a young white male in his 20s, Greg – a middle aged African American man, K – a middle aged white man struggling with addiction and mental illness, and his mother all seeking the Lord.  I love it!  So, the men’s Bible study man be taking a new turn – grandma’s now welcome!  haha.  Greg (who has been a faithful one attending our weekly worship services) pipes up at the end, “And we are still doing our worship on Friday if you would like us to pick you up!”  That’s great, God is showing Greg that he is a valuable part of our ministry and can also invite people along.  If you knew Greg, you would know this is HUGE!  Praise you Father.
Meanwhile, Gary and Sharon are at a Southern Baptist service and fellowship meal following.  Gary sharing testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness in our ministry.  Stacy and I were attending day 1 of a Youth Revival.  I don’t even know how to respond to the revival.  I first must tell you that I so appreciate this church family and what they are doing in Cairo, they have a heart to see this place renewed.  The message was taken from Genesis 29, and the pastor just “kept it real” while bringin’ the message.  So real that people were blushing with embarrassment.  I’ve never quite heard a message like that.  I had to look past the bluntness of this character and see that his heart is to see youth raised up in genuine faith.  Yes, Lord, I agree, raise them up.  The evening reminded me of this message I heard while at the One Thing Conference in Kansas City – Hip Hop to IHOP (International House of Prayer).  I highly recommend listening to this message – God is transforming the hearts of many African Americans, bringing them to a place of intimacy with himself.  These brothers and sisters have a strategic place in the Kingdom.  He is sweeping through this community of people and raising them up in this hour.  Praise God.   I will try to get this message linked so you can listen to it from my website. 


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