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SMG: Day 28 March 17, 2008

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A thrifting extravaganza!

Six of us ladies headed out to the Carbondale area for thrift store shopping.  I’m not sure if any of us had specific things we were looking for, but I think we all came home with a couple great buys.  It’s like a treasure hunt.  One person’s junk is another’s treasure.  It’s funny how as a young person I would be embarrassed when Grandma and Grandpa would take me and my sister to thrift stores.  It just wasn’t cool.  Now, I pretty much love it.  Another thing, I usually get more compliments on the clothes I get at a thrift store than clothes I buy from a department store, so there you go.

The day ended at Panera Bread Company with some friends.  It was good seeing Jonathan and Amanda again.  They are a couple we met a few summers ago.  That’s a great story in itself.  Probably one of the most random stories yet…

  Jonathan, a student at SIU campus felt the Lord asking him to go to Cairo.  So, he hitchhiked there.  Probably not the most conventional, but hey, he was being obedient.  Kristy and Heather were on their way home from somewhere and passed this dude on I-57, right near the Cairo exit.  Both of them felt lead to pick him up.  Again, not really the norm around here, but “as the Lord leads” right?  So, they pick him up asking where he is going.  He tells them the Lord wanted him to come to Cairo.  After he explains the story that he had no connections in Cairo, they bring him back to the house and give him some food.  He was in and out for a couple days – visiting with other people in the projects, I think he even stayed with our friend Tippy for a night.  Random.  It didn’t end there.  He came back to do some work on Hannah’s House – preparing the yard for a driveway.  He even brought people from his church to help out and spend time in the prayer room.   Last summer we attended their wedding our friendship continues.  Funny how God brings people into your life sometimes.  Our friend Kelly was also with us at Panera, with an old co-worker who was in town visiting.

A major blessing that I forgot to write about last week was our friend Kelly (yes, same one mentioned above) coming to visit us.  She worked with us over the summer helping out in all sorts of areas – Kid’s Club, Meal Program, and Work Projects.  She has an amazing story too.  Every time I hear her sharing bits of her testimony of how she came to the Lord I marvel at His goodness in our lives.  This sister is gearing up to head out to an African country.  She will be there ministering for about 11 months, leaving in July.  Her heart is to go where He leads.  She is on quite the journey.  Pray for her as she prepares to enter this mission field. 

Back to my day at Panera Bread.  The ladies headed back earlier and I stayed to visit longer with Jonathan, Amanda, Stacy, and Jesse.  It’s always nice to be in the midst of couples and not feel secluded in any sort of way.  I road home with Jesse and Stacy back to Cairo – Loretta is still kicking it strong, despite all her issues (Jesse’s car).  We had great conversations about relationships – healthy boundaries and such.  I am thankful to learn by observation from this amazing couple.  The Lord continues to protect and lead them as they submit to His authority.  Thank you for being an example of a Goldy couple.  I love you two. 

One more thing, in Carterville I met a woman who owns a coffee shop/recording studio with her husband.  I had no idea we had recording studios in the area.  She was so sweet.  I was asking her 100 questions about how they got into the business, what type of equipment they had, clients they worked with,  and what their plans were.  They are actually going to be selling the coffee shop and the equipment from the studio as they move to Texas to pursue other endeavors.  Bummer, I was hoping to bring our worship team in.   We’re probably not ready for that yet.


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