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SMG: Day 27 March 17, 2008

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Ah, Friday.

Fridays are a bit more relaxed.  Usually I go to the gym and then bop over to the Cheers truck stop/restaurant for some reading and journaling.  Not this week.  I ended up chillin’ in my room doing some stretching, reading, journaling, and support letter writing.  Good stuff.  Soon it was time to head over to the Kitchen Table.  I try to bring my guitar over there every Friday for a little worship action.  I have to admit, it is challenging and embarrassing at first…then that wears off and it becomes worship.  Usually there are only a couple people there so no big deal.  This time I wasn’t really even prepared to play, I didn’t even bring my music.  That’s probably how it was supposed to roll.  It was quite funny for me to walk into the KT and hear people all excited about me playing the guitar.  Funny!  What have you started Lord?  Anyway, I really wanted to visit with the sisters friend Amolia who was visiting from Mexico, but I guess I was going to to have other responsibilities.  I started with “You Move Me” the only song I have memorized.  From there I asked if anyone had a favorite Psalm.  One guy said his favorite was Ps. 119.  Yes!  So, I just went for it – started playing some chords and sang the words from Psalm 119.  How fun!  I told them all to bring their Bibles next Friday and we would use the Psalms as our songbook.  Haha.  I love how God orchestrates things.  Just sticking me out there, on the job training.  It’s great.  They are a great bunch of people to worship with. 

While I was packing up my guitar, a regular was just coming in to get his lunch.  Every-time I see this man, I try to proclaim LIFE over him in some way.  Whether it’s telling him that he will be victorious over alcohol, praying with him, or simply reminding him of the love the Father.  He begged me to play another song, so I played my fav. again.  After I finished he begged for one more, “Just one more Heather!”  I had to get going, so I told him I would be back again next week.  Walking out of the KT I was reminded of a situation in the Old Testament when David played a harp (I think it was a harp anyway) for Saul and as he played and worshipped the Lord the demons who had been influencing Saul left.  I am curious about the power of worship.  Lord, what is happening in the spiritual realm when we worship you, when we play instruments for you and sing for you?  This is a gift to you and you bring comfort to our spirit.  How does this work? 

Makayla wanted to make cards to bring with us as we visited people in Day Star (nursing home).  After putting together our little encouragement cards we trekked off to Day Star.  It was a beautiful day for walking.  As Makayla shared our cards with Miss Jackie I couldn’t help but reflect on the beauty of God’s unique composition of friendship.  Miss Jackie was indeed encouraged by our cards – she just started praising God for bringing people who care for her.  Her family is near, but neglects visiting her in the nursing home.  She is a young woman (probably under 40 years old) and the reason why she is there, well, that’s probably for another day.  I would actually like her to share her story, perhaps I will ask her to dictate while I type.  She loves sharing her journey from sinner to saint with people – especially young people.  She so desires them to live a life the honors the Lord, not wasting time on the things of this world.  She has had quite the turn around.  We were blessed to pray with her before we headed out and she prayed over us too.

Uprising was a bit different.  We walked in to a spacious room with all the couches and chairs pressed around the perimeter.  Worship would be be lead from the front of the room, instead, we would begin together in prayer and with a teaching of the Jewish circle dance, then move on to a more individualized worship.  Music was playing, the mic was open for prayers, markers and butcher block paper were draped over the table in the back for creating a mural of what we desired the Lord to do in Cairo, and flags and small instruments were sprinkled about the room for worship tools.  It was great.  Sometimes we rely on the worship leader to guide and direct us, when the Holy Spirit is really doing that job – if we allow Him.  

Lord, do you know the way you move me? 


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