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SMG: Day 26 March 14, 2008

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As we enter into the high school for morning prayer, I am still amazed at God’s orchestration.  We have been moved from the back hallway to the band room, to the small computer room, to the principals office.  First, hidden, in the back of the building, the part that was no longer in use.  Now, brought forth to the place of authority.  Decisions are made here that effect the whole school – each and every student.  Discipline takes place here.  This is where business is taken care of – even in the heavenlies.  Thanks for the new set up Jesus.  Pray that we can continue to pray here, and pray that the principal would join us (he is a believer and even participated in morning prayer at his prior placement).  Praise God.  He is positioning His people in places of authority and leadership. 

Women’s Shelter…have I ever written about this place?  It’s one of my favorite places in Cairo.  These people are beautiful precious gems, treasures in the Kingdom, but most of them don’t even know it.  I love seeing these kids and their moms.  Even when they are having a bad day and crabby.  I have no idea what their daily reality looks like.  The struggle is much different for them.  What does it look like to struggle for survival?  Many of these women have been in and out of shelters throughout their lives.  These children have been in and out of cities and towns, moving from place to place.  Today I witness something so special, I must share it with you.  One of the girls (4th grade) planned a surprise celebration for her mom who passed a nursing test.  She was so proud of her mom that she asked one of the staff to help her put together a surprise dinner for her mom with all of her favorites.  She waited with eager anticipation as her mom was about to return from school, on the edge of her seat every time the door buzzer went off.  When her mom got home, she gasped with thanksgiving at what her daughter had done for her.  Her daughter had the HUGEST smile on her face as her mom received this present.  It made me think of our relationship with our Father.  When we put together a special present just for Him, what is His reaction?  How does He feel when we do things just for Him?   Wow I know I don’t recognize the joyfulness of God as often as I should.  Over and over I would hear, “He is a glad God.”  Sometimes I need a parable to show me what that may look like.  Thank you for showing me a slice of your heart today God through this little girl. 

“What do you do for fun in Cairo?”  I hear this question a lot.  Well, you get creative and make you own fun!  Tonight we celebrated Kristy’s birthday by doing a few random activities.  Amanda and I put together a scavenger hunt/art project for the team to do together.  We met at the center and divided into three teams.  Each team had an assignment – collect as many small (red, orange, and yellow) items as possible.  Each team had a different color and the item had to be disposable.  We would explain later what we would do with these random little trinkets.  So, off we went – rummaging through old Kid’s Club supplies, office drawers, and donations.  After about 15 minutes we had all filled our bags with goodies.  We met back int the big prayer room and dumped out our bright colored objects.  We had to laugh at the diversity of our treasures – erasers, pencils, crayons, tan-grams, pom-poms, light-bright pieces, and even a little shovel.  So, now what?  The next part of our project is to put together a mosaic on a white board, a picture that resembles a fire.  Red, orange, and yellow filling the flames, and scripture would be written in little squiggly lines representing the smoke.  After taking time to think about which verse we would encourage Kristy with, we wrote them on the lines and ta-da, a beautiful mosaic!  The fun didn’t stop there.  Melissa and Sara lead us in a game of pictionary.  The theme of the game, “These are things that remind us of Kristy”.  It was probably the most fun I have had playing pictionary, as each picture represented a funny story or sweet reminder of our sister.   This my friends is what we do for fun in Cairo.

PS  I found out that the lady who bought the condemned house behind us is planning on creating a Tea House/Coffee House – a place for artwork to be displayed and artists to perform.  Also, she would like the upstairs portion to be used for traveling artists to stay, whether writing a book or creating some other type of work.   I will post a picture of this house.  It needs A LOT of work, but it can happen.  Stacy has been hoping for a coffee house in Cairo, and I was just thinking the other day…”I wonder if I could ever play my guitar at a coffee shop?”  Hmmmm…it’s fun to dream.


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