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SMG: Day 23 March 11, 2008

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Jewish dancing is quite fun in large groups.  We have been exploring new ways of worship and this morning we were instructed on the basics of Jewish dancing.  Sara is a creative teacher, naming each of the steps so we can respond as a team to her que’s.  It was so much fun!  I am already thinking about teaching the kiddos.  They would love it!

I had a wonderful surprise come in the mail today!  PTL!  A friend from college – who was on the Awakening Dance team, she actually took over the leadership of the team when Genny and I left sent me an encouraging letter with a support check.  The cool thing about it is that the Lord had prompted her to give before I even asked!  HA!  God is AWESOME!  He keeps showing me I can trust Him with my finances, that He is ABLE to provide for me.  Why do I doubt?  How doest that doubt seem to sneak its way into my mind?  Sorry Lord.  Forgive my unbelief. 

Our friend from Colfax came back to deliver our cow.  No, not a pet cow.  This brother from Colfax had come by two weeks ago to take us out to lunch.  Remember?  The one who drove 10 hours round trip to bless us Two Rivers gals + Gary.  Yeah, so he came back to drop off this beef.  Guess how many pounds?  No, try again…no, more…that’s right 650 lbs!  That’s a lot of beef.  Talk about a blessing.  That’s not all.  He decided  to support Sara for the whole year (last time he was here he decided he would give x amount supporting her for about 7 months or so) and at an even higher amount than what she expected per month!  Okay, still not done with the blessings list…he also decided to support EACH of us staff $100/month!  Are you kidding me?  Basically he dropped off the 650 pound cow along with a check for $16,000!  What the heck?!?  Did I mention that we have been praying in the resources to do the 24/7 prayer stuff?  God is showing us tokens of His provision along the way.

Kristy made a comment today that over the past two months we as a ministry (total pledged and actual for individual support/Two Rivers support) have seen the Lord bring in over $50,000!  WOW!  God is good!  That’s amazing!  Can I get an Amen?
I was just practicing my guitar.  Thanks for sending the prayers, I’m feeling ’em.  They are coming through.  First I struggled through some old Campus Crusade “Real Life” type songs.  The ones that I loved back in college.  I still love most of them.  Anyway, it wasn’t really happening with the songs.  They didn’t really sound like they were supposed to.  That’s okay, I moved on to my homework assignment.  That’s right, I get homework assignments.  This time I was to practice going between a few chords and sing through a Psalm.  I picked a random number and went to it – 37, Psalm 37…this had a lot about the wicked being judged and I wanted to sing about the Majesty of our Lord.  So, I went to one of my favorite Psalms – 96.  Good one!  It was pretty much the Spirit from there out.  I starting singing and playing like I have never heard myself do before.  I’m not saying it was supernatural or anything, but to me it was a pretty big deal.  After struggling through 20 minutes of yuckiness, finally it was flowing.  I wasn’t thinking about the next chord or stumbling through transitions, it was just happening.  Yes, I like that.  Give me more Lord.  Thanks for your prayers friends.  I’m getting there. 


3 Responses to “SMG: Day 23”

  1. sara Says:

    yay!! let the annointing fall, Lord!! He prepares my fingers for battle…I love it!

  2. paulwwalters Says:






  3. Asheface Says:

    love this sis…your testifying…God’s might revealed! K, so, you betcha your worship was supernatural…the heart to seek the chords of His majesty, His victory over darkness, flowing from His throne. love that he graces your fingers (and Jewish dance steps!!!)…so, when we come to Cairo will your team teach us to dance? can’t wait til our next prayer-convo…love ya

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