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SMG: Day 22 March 11, 2008

Filed under: Surprise Me God — charredsmore @ 8:20 am

I love Sammies!  Thank you Quiznos.  Now that Amanda works at Quiznos, I find myself even more drawn to Charleston.  Today she let me borrow her car to head out to Sikeston for some grocery shopping, a little work out, and then pick her up from work.  That was nice – thank you Amanda!  It was very interesting to meet her co-workers.  I have seen them around when I stop into the Cheer’s station (Gas Station, Quiznos, and Farmer’s Kitchen Truck stop all rolled into one) but never really chatted with them at length.  I was particularly struck by this one dude who recently got into a car accident.

Here’s the story.  He hit a patch of ice while going home, swerved across the road and landed himself in a pond 4 feet deep.  Not only did he swim out of his vehicle, he WALKED home!  That’s not all, it was 27 degrees out, and he had to walk one and half miles!  His legs were probably frozen popsicles by the time he got home.  It gets better or worse (depending on how you look at it) – this happened on Wednesday, today is Sunday and he is WORKING!  Oh, I forgot to tell you that he broke three ribs,  So, this guy has quite the story to tell.  He’s kind of tough about the whole thing, not letting anyone think about it as a big deal.  Well, I am sorry, but that’s a pretty stinkin’ amazing story.  I just couldn’t resist to tell you all.  Pray for his recovery and that he would be wise in RESTING.  Not sure if he knows the definition of that word yet.  He’s a real nice guy and has a great work ethic (obviously). 

So, that was my little visit to Quiznos today.  Jeesh!

Today we begin an intense time of prayer in preparing for our summer and asking the Lord to raise up 24/7 in the region and Cairo.  We are beginning our time with a little feast and worship tonight. 


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