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SMG: Day 21 March 10, 2008

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To Do lists…they are all over my room.  Post it notes, crumbled up paper in my purse, on my refrigerator…

Sometimes it is just a reminder as I write it down, other times it is a MUST accomplish – like my taxes.  Things I have just put off for a while.  So, today I am catching up on these things. 

I had a nice breakfast with my roommates and a walk outside in the beautiful winter-wonderland.  It doesn’t snow much around here, so when it does we take advantage.  The girls took a bunch of kids out to the levy wall for a sledding party. Check out the fun pics on Sara’s blog.  The kids hardly ever have snow to play in that sticks around for the next day – usually it is all melted up.  They don’t even sell sleds around here! 

 A nice visit with the sisters – Mary and Jeanette.  Amanda and I introduced them to satin hands by Mary Kay.  Sister Jeanette loved it!  She couldn’t believe how soft her hands were when she was finished.  We watched a crazy Japanese Ninja competition dealio.  I am not even sure what it is called, but I was fascinated by it.  These people to all sorts of rediculous physical competitions – running over barrels, walking across 4” wide beams that are moving 30 feet above water, and climbing huge towers.  It all seemed pretty impressive on this side of the tv screen.  It would be fun to set up some obstical courses around here.  We make our own fun in Cairo remember.  SO, why not a little Ninja competition?  Who’s in?


One Response to “SMG: Day 21”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    I bet it was “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” or equivalent.

    I’m in, but personally I think tunnels and caves are a lot more fun. And abandoned buildings. (Cairo’s got a few…)

    you should look at this site sometime, it’s got loads of cool stories about exploration and such.

    Enjoy the snow!

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