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SMG: Day 20 March 8, 2008

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Already 20 days have passed since starting the SMG journey.  If anything, this experiment has allowed me to be more aware, reflective, and thankful for what God is doing in my life. 

The weather around here has been surprising to me.  Last weekend it was almost 70 degrees, we were frolicking outside, laying on blankets in the yard reading and sporting our t-shirts.  I even found a great new place for reading – the rooftop right outside my bedroom.  That’s right, I can climb right out the window and perch myself on the roof with a good book soaking in the sun.  Today, I see the town blanketed in white, beautiful white snow.  Talk about a drastic change.  This is not the first time we have seen this shift within a matter of only one week.

 As 2008 is a year for new beginnings, I have taken the initiative to be more bold and courageous in new areas of ministiry.  Worship happens to be one of these areas.  Sara has been leading us each week in training, teaching, discussions, and practice of worship.  Really understanding what we are doing when we worship our God.  We bring Him much more than a song.  Sara has been giving us little assignments (fun ones) having us ask the Lord what He desires to release through our worship.  Specific to us individually.  I feel as though one thing that is released through my worship is “Freedom”.  Many of you know I have been trying to learn guitar.  Not really faithful in practicing much (only once a week), but God has been gracious in allowing me to excel quicker than usual.  I wanted to start playing in front of people, just get over the fear of man right away type thing.  Each Friday I try to make it over to the Kitchen Table (the soup kitchen I volunteer at on Wednesdays) with my guitar and worship.  Nothing fancy or spectacular, but maybe in the heavenly realm it is.  As I prepared to go out today, I asked the Lord to release freedom through my worship.  Usually people are just in and out, some will stay to eat in, but it doesn’t matter, I play anyway.  Today was special.  A regular to the KT came in and saw me getting my guitar out of the case, he said, “I’ll stay for a couple songs.”  As I played “Freedom Reigns” I taught him the chorus and he sang along.  This man is brilliant, but suffers from a mental illness, causing much confusion in his mind.   As we sang together I couldn’t help but think about the freedom that would come to this man.  God desires him to be free in his mind.  As he sang, I pictured him a free man.  Jesus, I thank you that you have come to set the captives free. 

Today I got together with my 5th grade friend.  Sometimes I don’t really know what mentoring is supposed to look like.  To me, it’s just inviting someone into a friendship.  Of course there is some structure, but the more I look at it – it’s just inviting a younger person into your world and asking to be a part of theirs.  Simple really.  We are currently reading through John together.  It is really powerful to see the Holy Spirit alive within her life as He teaches and transforms her.  We first remember what we learned last week while reading through John – she actually remembers!  A week ago, and she remembers!   We read through our new section together – I ask questions, we talk about it and reflect on our own lives and pray together.  She has such a hunger for God and His Word.  I love it!  I know it is only the Spirit that can be drawing her near.  Sometimes we go to Day-Star together and visit people in the nursing home.   Every Friday we have Uprising (worship/fellowship time) and she participates along with us.  She interacts with God.  He really is raising up this generation for “greater things”.  As adults we need a renewing of the mind in the way we view children and their place in the Kingdom. 

Lord shift our paradigm, propel us to a place of mobilizing these youth. 

Give us eyes to see them the way you see them. 


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