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SMG: Day 19 March 7, 2008

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As you know, I am in the process of raising support.  I had my first (non-relative) email to say they would like to support me!  Praise GOD!  More than having a paycheck, I am excited to have people walk with me on this mission adventure.  There is such power in  the body of Christ coming together and agreeing.  Whether it is through prayer, service, words, thoughts, or even giving.  I know the Lord blesses hearts that are in agreement with His will.  Thank you for walking in agreement with Him and Two Rivers Ministry in Cairo.

We had more surprise visitors today.  Again, from the church in Colfax that we have had a three year partnership with.  Gary, Marsha, and their beloved little pup – Scary Dog.  They were on their way through and wanted to take us out to dinner.  Yes!  This time we went to Charleston (MO) for a Mexican dinner.  It was great spending time with them.  This couple has been married for 20+ years and has quite the story of how they ended up together.  The food was wonderful and being in that environment stirred memories of my short mission trip to Jerez, Mexico (in 2003) visiting two sets of families that were dedicated to a missionary lifestyle.  As I listened to their miracle stories, I asked the Lord, “Will I ever live this way?  Is this for me?” 

Oh how I want to go back to Mexico.  It would be nice to return with the ability to communicate in Espanol.    Every Monday (well, almost every Monday) night a few of us gather for a Spanish lesson.  Jesse serves as our teacher bringing in books, CDs, and all sorts of resources.  He even corrects my work sheets!  I love it.  Now, if only I had a conversational partner nearby.  Pray for the grace to learn Spanish and the ability to learn QUICKLY!  Cindi, impart some of your mad skills to me!

Peace out. 

We’ll see what Papa has for us tomorrow…


One Response to “SMG: Day 19”

  1. Cindi Says:

    ha, ha! Puedo ayudarte con espanol si quieres 🙂 En serio, la pagina del web es muy bien. Tiene informacion y actividades de practicar con gramatica y vocabulario. Es gratis tambien!

    I apologize that I couldn’t type any of the accents in my message~ please don’t think I’m a poser 🙂

    Good luck!


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