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Walk with me… March 5, 2008

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God is always full of surprises.  The month that I was exiting AmeriCorps (a government funded program that I served with for the past two years while working with Two Rivers) I prayed about many different options.  The least desirable option was to continue serving as a missionary, but really taking the plunge of faith in raising support.  My flesh fought it, I much prefer being on the other end of giving, but I felt the Lord speak to me that this would be the “best” option.


As I go into this new season of “living on faith” I have mixed emotions.  I keep hearing the Lord say to my heart, “You have no idea what I have in store for you.”  Amen.

Let me rest in His promises.  They are always faithful and true.  He cares for the sparrow; surely He cares even more for His children (Matthew 6).  In stepping out into this new place of faith, I believe the Lord has blessings that will unfold before me.  These blessings are not always what I expect or even want, but ultimately lead to me being rocked and transformed into the likeness of Jesus.  I’ll take that!


Not long after this decision was made I received a call from one of the sisters I volunteer with at the Kitchen Table.  She asked me a few questions regarding the monthly needed support in order to survive in Cairo.  She was writing a proposal to submit to her community asking if they would consider supporting two of us at Two Rivers.  I was blown away by their desire to support us.  We aren’t even Catholic!  She phoned back with the good news right before Thanksgiving, letting us know their community decided to support two of us for the full year.  WOW!  Praise GOD! 


In order to see a typical day, check out my blog:


I do have my monthly minimum support – which is $800 (before taxes).  The cost of living is pretty low in Cairo, but I am still looking to raise a bit more to cover basic expenses.  I find myself struggling each month to make ends meet, making payments on my student loan, and have money for traveling home a couple times each year.  While working with AmeriCorps I was making $800/month along with health insurance and an education award to place towards my student loans of $4,725.  My monthly goal is roughly $1,400. 


Would you consider supporting me through prayer and/or financial giving?  My partnership with others is crucial as I am not a lone ranger out here on the mission field.  Your support has already been a tremendous blessing in my life. 


If you are interested in supporting me with a one time gift or a monthly donation, please email me: or send a check written out to Two Rivers Ministry with Heather Carney in the memo to:


Heather Carney

Two Rivers Ministry

PO Box 503

Cairo, IL


If you have any questions, please call me at 618-306-1532, I would love to chat with you!


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  1. paulwwalters Says:

    I’ll be praying about this for you.

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