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SMG: Day 16 March 5, 2008

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Today was a good day for re-aligning perspective.

We began a new study this morning called Under Cover, a 12 week series written by John Bevere which covers much on the authority that God has placed in our lives.  A touchy subject for most westerners.  We are more comfortable with a democracy, having an opinion on EVERYTHING.  Jesus is King.  He desires to establish His Kingdom in our lives and environment – period.  So simple and complex.  Difficult to imagine Jesus as King, especially the King that He really is.  He is so kind, good, faithful, righteous, true, noble, just…perfect. 

Something that has been stirring within me for a few weeks (really since I have become a Christian) is ministry to women, young and old.  I have a vision of seeing women set free from the chains of the past. 

Free of condemnation. 

Free of comparison and jealousy. 

Free of generational sin. 

Free of the emotional wounds.

Free to love.

Free to receive love.

God, release me to do this.  Direct my steps.  Show me where to go next.

Recently we (Sara, Stacy and I) have started a group for teen gals called B & B.  While reading The Shacktogether, we will pull out concepts regarding the Trinity and include scripture.  The first “B” stands for (Bible and Book study), the second “B” stands for beads.  After the study we will create jewelry together-the jewelry will be sold in order to raise money for ministry.  The girls will be able to help decide where the money is directed.  Our first B & B was last Wednesday.  No one came.  This is not really a surprise to us.  Usually it takes a couple rounds before people come.  I am not discouraged.  I have become a bit apathetic sometimes in going into a new ministry.  Yes, I love starting new ministries and seeing the Lord work, but I have become less than excellent in my preparation.   I spoke about this with Gary and Sharon – confessing my desire to step it up and be more intentional about things.  It seems to me I am either on one extreme or the other – uber prepared or too lax.  So, I had a little kick in the butt today, a wake up call.  It’s one thing to struggle with perfectionism, the Lord has freed me of this and taught me the difference between excellence and perfection.  Thank you Lord for freeing me in this area.  Now, I ask that you would motivate me to do things with excellence.


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