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SMG: Day 15 March 4, 2008

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New, New, New! 

What can I say?  I love new stuff, new ministry, new friends, new decorations, new visitors, new perspectives, and new places…

 Today was a day for new beginnings in our little apartment on 9th street.  It all started when Stace and I returned from our work out to find Amanda’s room completely re-arranged.  It looked BEAUTIFUL!  The sun was shining on her brightly colored quilt and it was even clean.  This inspired a ripple effect of newness in our apartment.  Now, you have to understand that there really isn’t much to change.  I mean, we don’t have a living room anymore – thanks to me.  After Stacy and I decided to split up I moved my bedroom into the living room.  It was bitter sweet, having my own room, no longer sharing with Stacy, no more living room.  I guess we would survive.  According to Corrine (the other Heather’s mom) we “live in each other’s pockets” anyway. haha.  I am off track…where was I?  Oh yeah, the cute little apartment.  SO, the kitchen had already been re-arranged a bit – Amanda brought in her awesome kitchen table (I won’t even tell you where she got it, you can ask her) and moved the refrigerator so it wouldn’t smack the person in the back who sat at the table.  Yes, more movement, more space.  I love it!  Amanda is a person that comes into a situation and makes the most of it – on all levels.  She’s great to have around.  SO, with the help and advice of my roommates and Heather we shifted the room around.  It was flipped.  Completely different.  I love it!  Stacy also got on the bandwagon and decided to shimmy her room a bit too.  She had been wanting to do this for a while – probably since I moved out.  Yes, new rooms for everyone! 

For the remainder of the day we helped Melissa with her ISAT prep. stuff for the kiddos.  She had the living room set up with stations for us – poster making, grading papers, creating gift bags, typing, and entering grades.  It was great fun.  Not to mention the sweet sub sandwiches she had made for us to munch on while watching a couple movies.  It was a great day!  Melissa is a hospitable one – even when hosting a poster making party.


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