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SMG: Day 13 March 1, 2008

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A day for visitors!

Jess’ parents arrived early, early in the morning – they left Georgia at 2:00 am.  Crazy, I know.  They wanted more time in Cairo.  This is their third attempt at coming to visit Jess in Cairo.  Each time something else would pop up, but not this time.  She will be riding back to GA with them and some of her stuff.  Of course we are praying that she will be back here this summer…so don’t move too many of your things Jess. 🙂

We also had a visitor arrive at 11:00 to take us all out on a lunch date.  This isn’t just an ordinary visitor – he actually drove 5 hours to bless us.  5 hours one way friends!  10 hours of driving for a lunch date.  I guess we are pretty special and he is pretty selfless.  Not only did he drive all that way to take us to lunch, but he also gave us some monies.  When he found out Sara was still raising support (she was the last one to finish up her AmeriCorps assignment), he decided that the money would go to support her as an individual. PTL!  She had just asked the Lord yesterday to provide her support in 24 hours – after she had run out of money.  Ha!  The resources will provide for about 8 months of her support.  This isn’t even money from the church, just from our brother.  Yeah buddy.  Colfax Lutheran Church has been pretty much amazing over the past couple years since we have known them. It all started back in 2006 when their youth came down to Cairo for a YouthWorks mission trip.  They brought a fire back to their church and the adults starting going on mission trips – down to Mississippi after Katrina.  In the fall they come down to Cairo and set up portrait studios in the housing projects for people to get their pics taken.  They bring the backdrops, props, cameras, computers, printers, photo paper and CDs – the whole shebang!  After all the times they have been here blessing Cairo and supporting our ministry financially, they have asked us to come to Colfax to visit them.  We will be heading up their way the first weekend in April. 

Two more visitors came to Uprising (Friday worship) tonight.  We met Vicki a couple weekends ago at a women’s retreat and immediately became friends.  She has such a sweet spirit not to mention a contagious laugh.  Her daughter came with as well, who is about our age, so that was also wonderful.  It still boggles my mind when people drive 1 1/2 hours to come and worship with us for a couple hours.  I love the body of Christ.  I look forward to seeing these sisters again sometime soon.


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