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SMG: Day 12 February 29, 2008

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One of the greatest rewards for a teacher is observing your student grasp the concept being taught.  Both yesterday and today I had the amazing privilege of opening this present.  After putting myself “out there” as a resource for people needing help in math – I FINALLY had someone follow through with their “yes”.  Thus began my tutoring extraveganza with a 9th grade student in Cairo.  Yeah, so I’m kind of dorky and actually like math – I minored in it at UW.  It’s good to know that this buried skill is being put to use to help others.  In coming up with various ways to describe graphing, I was able to see “A” go through various stages: struggle, frustration, perseverance, and finally victory in understanding the concept.  At one point she even said, “Wow, this is cool.”  A teenage girl commenting on her math homework being cool – now that is a major reward.  It is really powerful for me to see students truly caring about their education and pressing forward to understand.  Really, this is not a common observation in Cairo.

Of course this next paragraph is totally random and has no connection with the first, so bare with me.

 Something I have always wanted to do is become a Personal Trainer.  Tonight I was able to experience this in the smallest of ways.  There is a small group of us gals who go to the gym a few times a week together.  Some more than others.  Sara and Stacy are actually training for a half marathon.  Charleston, the neighboring town to us has a pequeno health club that we have been members of since moving here.  The owners are overly trusting and allow almost 1/4 of their members to hold a key to the gym in order to exercise at their convenience, when the gym may be closed.  How awesome is that?  Did I mention that I am starting to really like small town mentality? – Okay, only sometimes.  Anyway, back to the story…tonight I was able to impart some basic knowledge to one of the gals as we lifted free weights together and did some random isolation type exercises.  Fun stuff!  I really like motivating, encouraging and pushing people to their limit.  So, who knows, maybe someday I will actually be a certified Personal Trainer.  Thanks for this simple reminder tonight Lord.

Added bonus:  We pray every Thursday morning at the high school (before the bell rings), usually in the green hallway (that is only used for the naughty kids).  Today when we went in to pray they told us we could no longer pray in that hallway because there had been a fire (some of the students tried setting a couch on fire during their tutoring session after school – what?!?).  They repositioned us in the office – the Principal’s office.  Check that out!  There was a fire in the hallway where we were praying and now we are praying in the Principal’s office – talk about a shifting! 


SMG: Day 11

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My surprises are spilling over to Amanda! The whole Two Rivers family is welcomed into this experiment. When one rejoices, we all rejoice. She just got hired with two amazing companies in the last two days. Quizno’s – which happens to be one of my fav. sub shops and a missionary position with AIM (Adventures in Missions). “Yay God!”

Let me introduce you to my dear friend Amanda. We met while in college at UW – La Crosse. WE’ve shared many wonderful memories together including mission trips to Detroit, Mexico, and a summer with YouthWorks out west. It’s great having her back in Cairo after a year of traveling the globe. That’s right, world tour – 11 countries in 11 months. She served as a missionary with AIM bringing the love and compassion of Christ to many. To read about her journey:

She’s been back in the country since November and has been sent on a new mission. God has been downloading this strategic Kingdom plan for community, prayer, and equipping people for the mission field. It’s pretty sweet – the blending of her two loves. While at Two Rivers she enountered the blessing of strong family/community relationships – not always a blast, but refining none the less. And of course a strong dose of prayer was thrown in the mix. AIM through the World Race provided great training and experience on the mission field. TR + AIM = Hashem House. Hashem is pronounced – heh-shem. Not just a house, a place for launching people into their unique destiny on the mission field.

Here’s a little ditty from her blog…

 Hashem House, at its core, is a bridge between Missions and Prayer.  It’s a Luke 10 meets Luke 18 lifestyle; a team of missionaries being sent out two by two like the disciples with a heart to cry out day and night to God in prayer.

It’s a place of apostolic kingdom family and intentional community.  It’s a place to dream and scheme with other likeminded people and hear from God about His heavenly strategies for the redemptive work in the nations.  It’s a network of people with resources to help accomplish these dreams.  It’s learning how to ‘BE’ a missionary, ‘BE’ a servant, ‘BE’ a child of God and not just another program of ‘doing good things.’  This is life.  And this is a household that seeks to bring life, both to the people that live within the walls and to those that live without.  This is community life as God designed it.  (read: Acts 2)

Okay, so that explains the house a bit, but why the name Hashem you ask?  Well, after a day of praying over the property God highlighted the address sign of ‘2044’.

The corresponding number in the concordance told me that ‘hashem’ is a Hebrew word meaning wealthy, fertile, abundant, and enriched. To me these words describe the fertile land of growth and the wealth of inheritance that can be had for those going after the abundant life of Jesus Christ on this earth.  So naturally, the name Hashem House followed quite easily. 

It seems as though God is renaming this plot of land that once held a spiritually rich heritage as well.  While talking with the homeowner I discovered that the house used to be a minister’s training school more than 50 years prior.  I believe God desires to continue the lineage of this place by sending out more ministers of His Kingdom by raising up the young people of this generation to love a dying world.


Prayers for Amanda:


~Resources to purchase the house and fill it with wonderful furnishings

~People to live in the house

~Partnership between AIM and Two Rivers

~Preparation stages