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SMG: Day 10 February 27, 2008

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The day began with a reminder from Stacy that we didn’t have our team worship until 10:00.  Doh!  I thought we were heading over to Elmwood at 8:00.  This gave me some study/prayer/worship time in my room before advancing out to the housing projects. 

At Elmwood we encountered much guidance and encouragement from the Lord as we prayed for His Spirit to touch the people living there – each home, each family member Lord. 

Come, meet with each one.  Reveal yourself to them.  Strip them of all the world, the enemy, and their own sin has placed upon them that resists the truth of the gospel.  Strip them of all that is hindering your fruit in their lives.  Come Jesus, come Spirit, come Father.  We are desperate for you in this place.

There was a lot of singing, stomping, asking, agreeing, and dancing as we worshipped together.  I am loving this place more and more.  Yeah, both Elmwood and worship. 

Elmwood Clubhouse was especially fun today.  Stacy lead a Bible study/discussion about angels.  Funny how we are taught lies as kids, “We become angels when we die.”  “Your __________ relative who passed away is now an angel watching over you.”  All sorts of crazy things are taught to children – not rooted in anything but imagination.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about imagination, but let’s stick to truth in the Word.  Stacy did a great job answering questions while still being her compassionate self in addressing heart issues.  After the Bible study split up into our two groups – knitting and games.  Sara and I played Monopoly with the boys and had a great time.  It has been neat seeing them interact in this new setting.  Something so simple to most has been pretty incredible for me to be a part of and observe.  These kids rarely interact with adults in this type of environment.  They lack structure and discipline at home – most of the time.  It is good seeing them do simple things like count their money to purchase the railroad company, take turns, and even remain honest in the game.  I know, sounds pretty basic.  If you saw where these kids are coming from you would understand that it is a big deal.  I praise God for the changes I see in each one.  They are being transformed – from the inside out. 

Class tonight – round 2.  I love that this class is offered to people in the region free of charge in order to bring new economic opportunities to the area.  There is great need for people to be mobilized in the area of launching business.  Many in the class already own their own business, but are further educating themselves.  Some however have never owned a business and are intrigued by the possibility.  I am beginning to get to know a few people who sit next to me.  They all have interesting journeys that have brought them to this place in life.  I am probably one of the youngest in the class – with a few others in their 20s.  An added blessing is dinner being included with the class.  The instructors truly encourage fellowship and networking within the class, which is great considering the size – about 45 people.  Two of my favorites – fellowship and networking!  I love it.  It’s great meeting new people and hearing about their passions, dreams, and goals.  I look forward to the new doors that will open as a result of this class.  Lord – I am just asking for the patience and self discipline to sit for 3 hours every Tuesday night, I get a little restless sometimes. 


SMG: Day 9

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Catching up tonight on my blogging.  This SMG experiment is a bit more work than I had envisioned.  Writing each day and all.  It’s a good self discipline and allows me to reflect after each day.  I just keep some notes in my little stripy journal and report back to you all.  It’s fun. 

 Let’s see, Monday…what happened on Monday?

“Let my People Go” written by Preston Ewing is a book that I have been meaning to read for the past two years.  Finally I picked it up at Kristy’s house and read through it during my prayer room time.  It was terrifying reading about the racial strife in this community.  From local testimonies, I understood the tension was horrible in the late 60’s, but I had no idea it was that terrible!  Reading through this book and viewing the pictures gave depth to the racial tension that still exists.  N0w, 40 years later, I see the Spirit of God moving – breaking off generational sin and hate.  I see the Spirit coming in with a wave of refreshment, a wave of healing and forgiveness.  This wave will usher us into the new life for the people of Cairo.  Life they have never encountered.

Jesus has given us reconciliation through His blood to the Father and we are called to be ambassadors of reconciliation. 

We ask for the saints in Cairo to be raised up as Ambassadors of Reconciliation Jesus.

We are asking for you to reverse the curse.

During our staff meeting we discussed the plan for 24/7 prayer and worship this summer.  This would include more than tripling our staff in order to rotate prayer shifts.  8 weeks of intense spiritual warfare in the reclaiming of this territory for the Kingdom of God.  Not an internship or another ministry experience.  As our team discussed the possibilities I found myself getting excited (when do I not get excited about a new opportunity – come on.) and a bit overwhelmed all at the same time.  I know God is able to do it…the thought of our team tripling or quadrupling is a bit exhausting, not to mention all the other stuff that goes into a summer in Cairo.  One step at a time.  We are asking the Lord to supernaturally prepare us and those joining our team for the summer.  We are asking for His divine strategy to be released.  We are asking for buckets of grace, love, and mercy toward one another.  We are asking for a release of resources in order to walk this out. 

Lord, let your Kingdom come in Cairo – as it is in heaven, let it be on earth.


SMG: Day 8

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The Sabbath. 

A little work out at the gym and back to the good ol’ Farmer’s Kitchen truck stop.  This is pretty much the closest thing resembling a “coffee shop” near Cairo.

The other day I listened to a message by Kris Valatton (Bethel Church in Redding, CA) – “The Context of Justice”.  It moved my heart.  The message focuses on the injustice of abortion.  I used to consider abortion a social issue within…now I see it as babies being robbed of their destiny on earth.  An offense toward their creator God.

We have decided that these are not humans and therefore we do not value their life. 

As believers we have neglected this as a personal offense toward God.  I repent of not being a mouthpiece for LIFE.  Truly there is more that we can do in the realm of speaking and educating others about LIFE.  The starting place is always prayer.  Bringing this to the Father – asking Him to change hearts.  

Lord, send your Holy Spirit to convict us of truth.   

“Open your mouth to defend the mute.” 

Proverbs 31:8-9

We are to defend those who do not have a voice.  I believe this includes the unborn population.

There are many scriptures that speak of Jesus’ great love for the children.  He welcomes them into the Kingdom.

Kris spoke about Pharoh’s declaration of the killing of the firstborn male in the Old Testament…a redeemer was about to be born.

King Herod declared a killing of the firstborn male in the New Testament…a redeemer was about to be born.

Presently there has been a mass killing of children…God is raising up a generation of those will will speak and act in accordance with His redemptive plan. 

Shocking statistics:

-5 million babies have been aborted since 9/11 in our country.

-1.3 million children die each year in the US because of abortion.

Is the reversal of Roe V. Wade going to cure this social ill?  Of course not.  Numbers may decline, but there is a deeper root here.  We need to pray that our eyes would be opened to the value of children.

Kris even mentioned Russia’s current situation in regards to the birth rate.  In 1955 abortion became so common that the average woman had 10 abortions.  Now this country women are desperate to conceived children.  There is a serious problem. 

Psalm 127 “Fruit of the womb is a reward from God…”

Psalm 17:14 “You fill their womb with treasure, they are satisfied with children.”