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Missing Mozambique February 25, 2008

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I love this song!


SMG: Day 7

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Jacob’s Well in Mount Carmel hosted a regional worship gathering yesterday.  Walking into the large warehouse looking church I was encouraged to see many friends and acquaintances already there.  We have been tremendously blessed by our partnerships with regional ministries.  The sanctuary was set up with various stations for worship – an art table, folding chairs in the main area, cushions on the front carpet area, a small table with communion elements, and flags in the back open area for dancing.  I really appreciated the diversity in options for worship.  During the worship time we broke into a bit of Jewish circle dancing – some of the guys joined even joined in along with some older grandma type women.  It was great.  The Lord filled us with great joy.

A nice ride home with lots of laughter topped off the day.