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SMG: Day 5 February 23, 2008

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We were iced in today.  No school, no group at the women’s shelter, no office time…a bit of a lazy day.

My time with Jesus this morning included a look into Genesis 24 – Rebekah is brought to her husband Isaac.  What a beautiful story of God’s divine orchestration on a marriage.  If you look at this story with eyes of faith you see the beauty between the relationship between the servant and the Lord.  He is looking for a wife for his master’s (Abraham’s) son Isaac.  He decides to throw a fleece out there, ask God for some specifics.  Before he even sees Rebekah, he puts this request before the Lord, “Let the woman I ask to get me water also get water for my camels.”  This is no small thing friends.  How many camels did he have accompanying him?  10.  That’s right 10.  A camel can drink up to 25 GALLONS at one sitting.  They are some thirsty creatures!  Do the math…25 x 10 = 250 gallons of water.  Dang Gina! 

The next woman approached while he was still chatting the the Lord.  While he still putting in his request to the Lord, here comes his answer.  Can you get me a little drink?  Yes, and while I am at it, can I also get some for your camels?  Oh my word!  Can you imagine the look on this servant’s face?  Am I hearing correctly?  Did you just volunteer to get water for my 10 camels?  This woman had some muscle and she wasn’t afraid to bless others either.  She had no idea what prayer had just gone up…for her own benefit and blessing.  Now, this woman Rebekah is presented with the biggest surprise of her life – a husband.  He pierces her nose (see, it was cool back then too) with a gold ring and gives her some jewelry before they head to her crib to meet the parents.  Of course there is much more to the story, but she ends up agreeing to go back with the servant and meets her beau Isaac for the first time and they get hitched.  I wonder what was going through her mind and heart as she put the veil over her face before meeting Isaac for the first time.  I

So, tomorrow morning think about the possibilities.  God wants to surprise us.  He wants to bless us, teach us, and refine us – because He gets the glory.  He loves that. 

Lord, surprise us tomorrow. 

Let us be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

Here’s a random one:

I had just been praying for Mexico the other day while we had our prayer/dance session in the gym.  I asked the Lord to re-connect me with a couple I met at a retreat who had just returned from Mexico in January because I wanted to hear more about their mission trip.  Joyce called me last night to tell me about their mission trip.


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