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SMG: Day 4 February 21, 2008

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The morning started off with a family gathering.  Every day starts out like this – except for Fridays.  Today we did our Romans Bible study.  Chapter 5.  Sin entered through one man; righteousness entered through one man.  After that we ended up praying for two very influential people in IL, Oprah and Obama.  I will just leave it at that for now.  The Lord reminded us that in His Word, Jesus gave us the ability to move mountains with faith as tiny as a mustard seed.  I have some mustard seeds in my kitchen pantry just to remind me how itty bitty they really are.  Tiny. 

Where is your faith today? 

Even if it is tiny – you can say to that mountain, “MOVE!” 

What are the mountains you are dealing with? 

Tell them to move.

Next we moved on into the gym for a different kind of worship, different to what we are accustomed to anyway (together as a group).  Kristy first taught us how sign language to the song, “Holy Spirit Come.”  I have been wanting to learn more sign language to songs, so this was great!  After we did that song, the music was streaming through the gym and our veins and we worshipped through movement.  This is another neat surprise, as I love to dance.  I have been wanting to bust out the praise dance lately.  Another neat surprise.  There were flags, banners, IL state flag, and national flags.  There was a lot of freedom as we danced before the Lord.  It’s a pretty big deal because we have never really done this type of thing all together as a group.  Toward the end I saw Sara placing the IL state flag in the center of the gym.  I figured she was probably going to start dancing around it – so I joined in.  With beautiful sheer blue and white material flowing through our hands we danced.  Holiness sweeping over the land.  Rivers of water rolling over the state.  The national flags were placed around the state, overlapping one another.  We expanded our territory as we danced around this large circle.  Stacy came in with green.  New growth sprouting.  Amanda joined us with purple.  Clothe the people with royalty.  Gary joined in the circle with his staff creating beats on the hard wood floor.  Apostolic leadership declaring freedom over the Body of Christ.  Kristy and Sharon joined in with prophetic movement and song.  The voices and actions of the saints bringing healing.  Heather on the floor, near the flags in prayer.  The intercessors have been travailing over this broken land.  What a beautiful picture of what God is doing in this hour. 

Later on I had the chance to hang out in the computer lab.  Sometimes I miss supervising the computer lab.  Filled with mostly elementary aged students, mostly boys.  It’s always good interacting, asking questions, encouraging, helping and yes even disciplining.  I thought I would introduce them to my friend, Saylah, who is a rapper I met while in San Jose, CA.  Him and his wife are solid Christians with a conviction of bringing the truth and love of Jesus to this generation.  So, I brought out the CD letting some of the kids listen.  They LOVED it!  Usually they listen to rap, not this kind of rap.  I know the lyrics will seep into their spirits.  I know the Lord will use Saylah and his wife to minister to these kids hundreds of miles away!  I love it.  It was funny seeing the reaction to some of the older boys when I asked if they wanted to listen to one of my Cd’s.  “No.”  Of course their perception of what this white Christian woman would listen to is much different than what they like to listen to.  About an hour later I hear, “Miss Heather, I really like this music!”  Ha-ha!  God continues to break down walls.  God is doing a new thing with music, sound, and worship.  I am more than blessed to hear the noise of heaven being released on the earth.