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SMG: Day 2 February 19, 2008

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Crammed into Heather’s car (not me, I don’t have a car yet) we were on our way to visit Joseph in Cape G, which is about 45 minutes away.  I had a couple missed calls from numbers I didn’t recognize, so I called them back to see who they were.  First one, wrong number.  The second missed call was quite a surprise to me. 

“Hello, did someone call Heather earlier?”

“Uh, Heather…Oh, prayer Heather?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s me, who is this?”

“This is ____________ from Paramount Pictures, we met a few weeks back on the prayer walk.”

I am thinking, “Woah, this lady actually called me!” 

We had met during a prayer walk at Paramount Pictures.  She works there and hosted us on her lunch break.  The whole thing was pretty cool, getting in with our IDs and having our names the “list” was all new to me.  She took us on a tour explaining the happenings at Paramount, while giving information about the spiritual climate as well.  The prayer walk reminded me of our summer prayer walks in Cairo with the YouthWorks teens.  As we take them to different sights, we give them some history/prayer requests and let them go for it.   I was wide eyed looking at the cool stuff at Paramount Pictures as we lifted up people serving in the Entertainment Industry.  It surprised me to hear about many believers creating art to glorify God.   After our prayer walk, I thanked our guide for her generosity and perseverance in such a unique place of ministry.  Really, I was impressed with what God was doing within the Hollywood studios.  This was not at all what I expected to observe. 

Just yesterday while in church, at the Charleston Health Club (yeah, sometimes I do church a little different) I noticed that the brand name of the machines – “PARAMOUNT”.  I asked the Lord to raise up a house of prayer in Paramount Pictures – what the heck, they are already running 24/7.  I asked about my involvement in ministering in Hollywood.  Lots of questions.  Anyway, this whole journey is really new to me.  I am not really into the “Hollywood scene”, I am not into television shows, famous people, who’s dating who, clothing styles, or anything like that.  It is funny to me that God is raising me to up to pray for people in Hollywood.  At first it terrified me, the thought of meeting famous people and ministering to them, praying over them.  It kind of freaked me out.  Now, I kind of like it.  Not because they are famous, because they are real hurting people like you and me who need to encounter a real God who loves them deeply.  He wants to set them free. 

So, this brings me to my little surprise today.  This woman who works at Paramount called and asked if I would consider being her prayer partner.  WHAT?  Are you kidding me?  What an honor!  So, now there is a bridge built from Cairo to Hollywood. 


Thanks Jesus. 

You have the best hook ups.