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Healing #1 February 15, 2008

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Today was monumental!  This morning a community friend stopped by to pick up her box of food (through a ministry we host at Two Rivers – Family to Family)  On her way out she stops me, “Heather I need prayer!  I have had migraine headaches for the past 8 days!”  I bring her into the prayer room so the other gals can gather around her to pray.  As we pray, Amanda asks if she currently has a headache.  “Yes.” 

She prayed that in Jesus’ name the headache would leave and that His Kingdom would come in her body.

We each took a whirl in praying for our sister.  She received it. 

I asked her if she thought God was able to heal her, she responded with a confident, “Yes”.

As we prayed I saw a picture of her being attacked by witchcraft.  I didn’t want to go ape, so I gently rebuked those evil spirits (who says we have to yell anyway?) to leave her, the blood of Jesus is covering her heart, mind, spirit, and body.

Amanda asked her, “Is it still there?”

“A little bit.”

“Is it behind your eyes?”


“We can’t have that, let’s finish it up.”

Amanda continued to pray for healing.

“Is it gone now?” 

“YES.” With tears flowing down her face, “YES!”

“For the past eight days I have had strong headaches non-stop.  This is the first time I have felt peace and rest!”

Not only was she healed, she prayed over Gary to be healed (since he too has migraine headaches). 

Praise Jesus for this first-fruit of healing in Cairo.  There are many more to come.

Pray this woman would be a bold mouthpiece for Christ in declaring His goodness in her healing! 

Use her to impart healing to others Jesus!




One Response to “Healing #1”

  1. Asha Says:

    Woohoo! Way to proclaim His reign!!!! He is the mighty God who loves Cairo and lives to set her free! Love you, sis…so thankful that we get to live Psalm 66 together.

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