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I need to start dancing again. February 11, 2008

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Hip Hop Tap

<a href=”“>
I think I should introduce the Cairo kids to this style.


3 Responses to “I need to start dancing again.”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    That second one was amazing!!!

    Thanks for liking the site, I hoped you would!

    As for me coming to Cairo, the current thinking is that I’ll go up with the youth group (~June 5) and stay for a week/2 weeks/ until you kick me out. 😉

    That’s one of the things I need to firm up real soon, since I’m applying for a summer job as a bike mechanic, and I’m going to schedule my Comp TIA A+ certification test soon as well.

    There’s a team going to Cairo in April I think, but idk if I can go yet since my ACT test is on April 12. But if I can, I’ll be there.

    And about this summer, could I bring my bike with me? I ride about 10 miles/day during good weather and biking seems to be a good way to get around Cairo. If not then no problem.

  2. charredsmore Says:

    You should call to chat with Gary and Sharon about summer stuff sometime!

    Yes, you can bring your bike! There are trails that I have been meaning to go on – about 20-30 miles away, but it would be a good day trip…drive out there, pack a lunch, bike for 30 miles or so.

  3. paulwwalters Says:

    So should I bring the mountain bike or the road bike? What kind of trails are they?

    And you must be into cycling if you would bike for 30 miles, which is a good thing!

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