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I need to start dancing again. February 11, 2008

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Hip Hop Tap

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I think I should introduce the Cairo kids to this style.


Double anointing…Alberto & Kimberly Rivera

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People keep mentioning this duo to me.

A new friend of mine just sent me one of their CDs.

This weekend at a women’s retreat we worshipped the Lord while listening to the “Deeper Still” CD.


Alberto & Kimberly Rivera



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Ran into these guys when I got off the plane in San Jose, CA.

I really didn’t know who they were at the time, embarrassing.

They are a funk band from New Orleans.

A different style of music for me, but I like them.



Coffey Anderson…southern man

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Bethany suggested I check this guy out. 

His music is more than great, I suggest you take a listen.

He describes his style as country + soul. 

If this is country…

I like it.

Coffey Anderson