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A new name for Hollywood January 16, 2008

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Names are important. 

I believe the Lord gives new names – for individuals and cities.

While I was praying for Hollywood (this is a new burden of prayer) a few days ago, the Lord revealed some things to me.

I remember hearing a vision that someone once had about the name…

They saw the large white letters on the hill – “HOLLYWOOD” and the hand of God came down and plucked out one letter.  He plucked out an “L”, making a new name, “HOLYWOOD”.

As I thought about his, I asked the Lord what the “L” being plucked out represented. 

The “L” represents Love.  They can not serve two masters – they will love one and hate the other. 

2 Timothy 3:1-7

In the last days there will be times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of…








God and others












Considerate of others






Disobedient to parents


Obedient to parents












Whole hearted




Satisfied in the Lord






Without self control


Self Controlled






Not loving good


Loving the things of Phil. 4:8














Lovers of pleasure over lovers of God


First and Second commandment in place


Appearance of godliness but denying its power


Walking in holiness and power of the Holy Spirit


**Don’t just tear down strongholds. Replace with the truth. There are many counterfits right now. Instead of wiping away – TRANSFORM. Just as we pray for transformed hearts in Cairo – not destruction, but mercy. Your kindness leads us to repentance. Transform the hearts of people in Hollywood. Transform this place to be known as “Holywood” redeem all things Lord. Cause the people and productions to align with your Kingdom purposes.

Release your creativity and wisdom from heaven to the believers – let them walk in power and anointing. May they live sanctified lives, may they stand out Lord Jesus, no longer blending into the”Californian culture”.



The Cross Over State

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California is prophetically known as the “Cross over state”.

Even before I spent a summer in Lake Tahoe, I have always wanted to be in California.

I applied for various jobs there, even offered jobs…the Lord kept telling me it wasn’t time yet.

Obedience is tough sometimes when it wars against your flesh, or even desires He has given you.

Timing is key.  Let me submit to the timing of the Spirit.

I feel the Lord speaking to me, “I am releasing you to California”.

Of course, I have gone through this love/hate relationship with the state – wanting to live there, not ever wanting t live there.  Seeing the potential in the Kingdom/observing the sin. 

I am preparing to go on a vision trip to this great state.  Excited, yes.  Terrified, in a way.  Worried, no.  Even though I am a little prayer missionary with small amounts in the bank account, I feel as though the Lord wants to me step out in faith and go.  He will provide for what He calls us to.

What will it look like?

There is a group of four (Jess, Amanda, Shawna and myself + Asha for the last two days) who will be meeting up in the Bay area to begin our adventure.

The cities that we are hitting up include: San Fran, San Jose (God highlighted this city in a couple dreams), Redding (attending a writing conference), LA area, San Diego, and hopefully Tijuana, Mexico.  9 days of ATL.  “Asking the Lord” is always an adventure, usually fun, out of the comfort zone, and faith producing.

Most of our trip is pretty much planned (timing and location) with the exception of the So. Cal. portion at the end.  I kept thinking that there was something very specific that the Lord had for us there. 

Yesterday I spoke with one of our dear friends who grew up in California and actually had a ministry to those in Hollywood.  She has helped prepare the way spiritually for us.  Helping us understand the spiritual realm a bit better before heading out.  Knowing how to pray and what to watch out for.  I am so thankful for those pioneers that have gone before us.  She has also given me names of various ministries/churches/and prayer groups.  I look forward to connecting with the body of Christ in California.

I believe that this is the strategic timing of God…

He has given me a crazy vision that I have no idea how to put together…

I believe there is a connection….

I believe He will unfold His plans and do the necessary networking.

Pray with me as I venture to the cross over state.

Pray this state would cross over into the Kingdom of light.