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Under Cover January 12, 2008

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Being a prayer missionary is certainly an adventure.  Perhaps you are new to this term and consider traditional types of missionaries who travel to distant islands sharing the gospel with tribal people’s who have never heard about Jesus. 

Prayer missionaries are sprouting up all over the place!  For real. You don’t have to be in a certain country or place…wherever you are, as you are, you have the ear of the Lord, and He desires to hear you! 

Sometimes I feel like an undercover agent working with a secret service for the Kingdom.  Maybe your picture of a prayer missionary include a group of old grannies sitting in a small room silently petitioning the Lord.  That’s cool too, we need those women to intercede.  There are all kinds who make up the Kingdom, let’s not limit the Lord’s agents to a few elderly.  His plans and purposes are much grander than we could ever imagine.

I’ll tell you what it is like to be a prayer missionary, at least from my perspective…

Today I felt like Sandra Bullock in the movie, “Miss Congeniality”.  You know the opening scene where she sits reading her book while sitting at a hole in the wall Russian restaurant.  The book she holds has a mini camera.  She is an undercover agent working for justice – taking down drug dealers in the city.  That’s how I felt today.  Little ol’ me sitting there sipping my coffee and all of a sudden the Lord reveals to me the secret plan of the enemy to defy righteousness, integrity, and everything His Kingdom stands for (Phil. 4:8). 

There I sit thinking, “Who am I that you would let me in on these hidden schemes of the enemy?” 

“Pray. Pray for justice.  Pray for righteousness.  Pray that these demons would be trampled.  Pray for redemption.  Pray for the prodigals homecoming.  Pray.”

So, there you go.  A day in the life of a prayer missionary. 

P.S.  I know the boss is still recruiting.