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No, we’re not a church…we ARE the church. January 6, 2008

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 “What is the name of your church?”

“Who is your pastor?”

“What denomination are you with?”

“What church sent you out as missionaries?”

“When does your church meet?”

With all of these questions – from community members, family, friends, ministry partners, I thought I would try to clarify a bit.  We still wonder sometimes what the Lord is doing with us.

-We are not a church or a cult. (some people may think so because of lack of definition)

-We are a group of people that live in community and desire to love Jesus and others (as the Acts church)

-We do meet to pray and worship (5 days out of the week).  Amazing right?  Part of my job description is spending time with my Lord.

-We do invite community members (Cairo and the extending region) to participate in worship.  Our doors are never closed.

-No we don’t live in the Old St. Joe’s School, (TR office) we live in houses (yes, we have had this question by many community members).

-We do Bible study together as a staff team.

-We do have a prayer room.

-We worship and lead worship for others as the Lord opens doors to travel.

-We are have not been “sent out” by a church or denomination. We are not a “church plant.”

-We do not claim one denomination, although we do have convictions from the Word of God that exist in our guidelines (thanks to strategic planning – bless you Ron Duncan).

-We do not take tithes in our services, but if the Lord leads you to give a donation to our ministry we won’t turn it down.  In fact, we are all living on faith right now.  Thanks for preparing us for this step Lord.  I never thought I would do this or even want to.

-We don’t have a pastor in the “traditional” sense, but we do have Gary as our Director, Ministry Leader, Shepherd, Dad, Brother, and Friend.  Thanks for being amazing Gary (and Sharon).

-We are “multidimensional” and seek to see Christ’s body united.  No, not everyone in one church, but united in Spirit. 

-We seek to bring the love of Christ beyond our prayer room while we do compassionate outreach, Bible study, Elmwood outreach (housing project), children’s ministry…

-We are not about programs, although we seek God for opportunities to serve, minister, and speak about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in love.

Hope this helps bring some definition to who we are as Two Rivers Ministry.

Thanks for serving along with us.  We are so thankful for our families, friends, community, and ministry partners. 


One Response to “No, we’re not a church…we ARE the church.”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    just tell em you’re a bunch of people who enjoy talking with and obeying God.

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