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Dream with me January 6, 2008

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Before ringing in the new year, I was pleasanly surprised with how the Lord reminded me of many dreams I have.  My friends just laugh at me when I add another thing I want to do “on the side.”  My life will be filled with these little (sometimes big) projects that are “on the side.”

 My focus is Jesus.  He is the air I breathe.  No, He is never “on the side.”

 Okay, here we go…just a warning, you may be overwhelmed with this list.  That’s okay, I’m not, and I don’t think God is either.  I pray that He would have His way in my life and refine those passions and ambitions that are NOT from Him.  Not in any particluar order, and definitly not a new years resolution list or even a list for 2008.  This is more like a list of random pursuits that I would like to entertain in my lifetime (or in the Kingdom?!?).

1.  Love Jesus with all of my spirit, soul, and body. 

2.  Grow deeply in my relationship with Him through prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, service, and outreach.

3.  Financial freedom – for myself and teaching others (without judgement – yikes).

4.  Message Therapy (this will hopefully start soon with the community college as I take classes at night.  Praying for a scholarship. 

5.  Leading worship – vocals + guitar.  Learning guitar (thanks to Sara the patient teacher).

6.  Write song lyrics.

7.  Create a CD with original songs and guest singers – a new sound.  Misty Edwards meets Rap.  What?  Yeah sounds fun to me.

8.  Make millions to re-distribute to Kingdom endevors (especially overseas).

9.  Entrepenurial Ventures…creating businesses for people to be equipped and mobilized in skills and their giftings, provide opportinitues for those usually oppressed (Cairo and beyond).  Askining the Lord for that Paul Bertleson anointing! 

10.  Own a house in Kansas City, MO and San Jose, CA (or somewhere in Cali.) to rent out to young adults being trained up as prayer missionaries and mobilized in their giftings.

11.  Real Estate (on the side of course. haha)

12.  Create a musical (with a team) that communicates the gospel and Christ centered values without being cheesey.  Be involved with singing, dancing, and directing. 

13.  Interede for businesses – marketplace Christianity is yeilding much fruit and I would love to be a part of it.

14.  Adopt children from the nations. – Yes, Christi, my family will be a beautiful tribe of children from all around the world.  I love it!

15.  Take foster care classes and be a part of this ministry to elementary age children and perhaps teens.

16.  Write books.

17.  Be a part of releasing LOTS of resources to people.  I don’t care what it is.  Just get it out there to people – jackets, food, clothes, cars, teaching materials, books, Bibles. 

18.  Somehow be a part of outdoor ministry to teens that struggle with “inner-city” type issues.  Bring them into an experience where they have an opportunity to interact with their Creator and learn about themself in the process.

19.  Healing ministry – emotional and physical.

20.  Destiny releaser – praying over people in line with God’s heart.

21.  Mobilizing people to go to the Nations with the love and truth about Christ and His Kingdom.

22.  Be a part of washing the feet of my “enemies” (how, where…not sure).  God prepare me for this one. 

23.  Create prophetic art – to be put on a t-shirt or whatever.  Graphic designs with scripture.  (I have my first one almost finished!)

24.  Be a part of a dance team that travels with a rap group (Christian).

25.  Create businesses where 100% of the profit goes to specific ministries (investing in the harvest).

26.  Take people out on mission trips overseas who have never been.  The least likely candidates to go on a mission trip…recovering alcoholics, ex-prostitutes, poor people, empty nesters, children.  Give them an opportunity to serve beyond their community walls.

27.  Become a certified Personal Trainer and own a gym of sorts for wholistic health (maybe partner with Ramon on this one?!).

That’s all for now…

What are your dreams? 


5 Responses to “Dream with me”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    #7 needs a drummer…


  2. gerberdaisy Says:

    I love it. Keep dreaming, the list will always be too small, me thinks ;o) What a big God we serve. I love to see His creativity birthed in you! Keep asking for the “more than we can imagine or hope for” He is faithful!

  3. Melissa Says:

    Wow! It makes me really think about what I would like the Lord to do with me. I love how He has gifted you to think in that long-range mode! It is fun to see how He has created this world with different talents and giftings. It makes me think of the “Dream Big” song by Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand. Keep dreaming big, Heather! 🙂

  4. paulwwalters Says:

    The best part about God…
    “When we’ve been there 10000 years. Bright shining as the sun. We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise. Then when we’ve first begun.”

    We’ll be singing and won’t have to repeat anything because there’s that much to sing about!

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