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Here’s another random one January 3, 2008

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So lately I am full of stories. 

It’s fun.  I like talking about the random things God does in my life.

 So tonight, Stacy, Jesse and I drove out to Carbondale after having a bit of a prayer session over their vehicles.  Problems.  Jesse and Melissa are having car issues, and I need a car.  So, we had a little prayer session in the parking lot of Two Rivers – over the cars.  Some of you may be  we are ridiculous, that’s okay.  Sometimes I think so too!

Anyway, afterwards we headed out to Carbondale (50 minute drive) to get Jesse a different car to drive.  We had a great dinner with his mom at a Mexican restaurant and then went to rent a movie.  I am glad Jesse chose Hollywood Video (Random fact:  Family Video sells porn and Hollywood Video does not – what’s up with that?).  While in the store we get to chatting with one of the workers there – A.  He seems to have a great character and a kind heart.  Somehow we get to talking about God and heaven/hell that kind of stuff.  It just creeps into the conversation, right.  Turns out that he is agnostic, but perhaps on his way to searching for more. 

A. totally let us pray with him while he was at work.  I kept picturing him rapping, but I didn’t want to be the white girl suggesting the stereotypical thing – “black rapper guy”, so I asked if he sang.  He said no, but he used to.  Then I asked if he rapped, and he said no, not in a while.  There was something there.  He ended up telling us very specific reasons why he no longer raps.  His brother got shot in the face when they were on their way for some type of audition of sorts and now he has set this gift aside, despite the fact that his bro still raps.  I really felt like the Lord wanted me to tell him that he WOULD be rapping again, but that it would be a righteous sound for the Lord. 

Oh, I can’t wait to hear those beats and lyrics. 

Seriously, with all of this praying for musical artists…God is up to something in the realm of worship.  No more cheesy Christian stuff…or at least there will be more options…more anointing.

I hope so.

Thanks for reading about my random interactions.