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Peaches and Herb. January 2, 2008

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Totally prayed with them at the Marriot lobby in KC.

Peaches and Herb (band) were doing a New Years Eve Concert in Kansas City at the Civic Center. 

I felt bad that at the time I really didn’t know who they were, but later looked them up on You Tube. 

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When I was in high school my dance studio did a routine to this song.  “Shake your Grove Thing”

 They also sing, “Don’t rock the Boat”

God is really funny.


2 Responses to “Peaches and Herb.”

  1. charredsmore Says:

    What’s really funny is that only an hour before I got to pray with Misty Edwards (IHOP musician – no not pancakes).

    What is God doing?

    Then, I got to pray with this amazing brother who is going to have a ministry in Hollywood with rap artisits.

    (PS I have been joining in this prayer for the Lord to raise up African Americans – esp. men.)

    He himself is a rap artist who will one day be famous. Not for the sake of being famous or wealthy or any of that stuff, but for the sake of the Kingdom.

    Too much Lord!

    Bring the anointing into the music industry!

  2. paulwwalters Says:

    my aunt was telling me about some good news… I don’t know if you’ll identify with this but I found it encouraging.

    around 25% of young african-american men are voting republican now.

    obviously republicans aren’t perfect but generally are more supportive of christian morals and sane economics.

    historically african americans have been voting (if at all) for democrats, who are mostly pro-choice, and try to get the government involved in every aspect of life with primarily sub-par results.

    this change in political stance is indicative of more responsibility and more thinking, instead of the more common apathy and dependency. (think: getting jobs, as opposed to: living off welfare).

    I’ll say that we need to depend on God above all else, not putting our faith in man, because relying on man we are bound to be disappointed. however I believe that we can affect change and voting is one of these ways, and it’s a privilege and responsibility.

    anyway I found the statistic encouraging and way to step it up young men!

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