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Divine Appointments January 2, 2008

Oh my word!  Where do I begin.  I was able to meet so many wonderful people while traveling from IL to WI and back again. 

 -It began with my car accident/miracle….

-Hospital visit – prayed with a wonderful family that is filled with hope for the healing of their husband/father (cancer).  I trust the Lord can heal him.

Greyhound –

-Met a pastors kid who is totally returning to the Lord with all of His heart.  Were able to pray with him, and even caught a cab with him to get to my sisters house in St. Paul.  Oh-yeah, the cab driver and I have a mutual friend – he is the founder of the Eritrean community. 

-Church outside the walls!
– Yeah, we totally did church in the Greyhound station.  Over 80 people were stranded in MPLS and had to spend the night in the station because the weather was so bad.  I heard the Lord say, “Play your guitar and I will come.”  Man, I am not good, I just started playing, I don’t want an audience, I just want to worship.  STill felt the Lord ask me to take this step of faith.  Here goes.  STarted playing and some people gathered around. One man gave me a dollar.  Ha!  One chick comes near asking if she can video tape me, “It is so beautiful!”  WHat?!? 
-Believers start gathering.  We start getting to know each other, worshipping, praying, ministering to others…it is good.  Church in the Greyhound station. 

-On the bus ride I had an amazing conversation with a King.  See him with God’s perspective and not the flesh, he IS a King.  What a life story – he had just came back from Arizona after two years and now is returning to his home town in La Crosse (where I went to college – see the connection).  He should write a book with all of his stories.  He has been near death and around the “wrong crowd” for a while.  He has a strong convictions, goals, aspirations and WILL be the man God has created him to be.  This hard core guy even let me pray over him.  Praise God for divine appointments.

The reminder of God’s hand on my life
– A man named Emmanuel (God with us) was also taking the Greyhound from Des Monies to MPLS with his adorable son, Otis.  Otis (2 yrs) was a little shy at first, by the end of the night we were having a good time laughing and playing around.

-Met a brother at the station who works there but in his heart asks the Lord when he can be a missionary.  I was telling my miracle story and his eyes lit up when he heard I was a missionary.  What a sweet brother. I think he will be coming to Cairo for a visit.

-This might seem insignificant to you, but I have had a bunch of confirmation for my trip traveling to Cali. (San Fran, San Jose, Redding) for some ministry connections/writing conference…

-Dreams about San Jose (when I didn’t even know where the city was in Cali)

-Met father/son team at the bus station going to San Jose to visit their mom.

-A little boy on the bus is named Jose.

-The man helping with my stuff in the elevator in St. Paul, Jose. 

-Met twin girls at One Thing who just completed a book Justice Loves Babies, stirring the hearts of the youth to pray to end abortion (communicated with sensitivity and love).  Guess where they are from?  San Jose.  And wait, I am going to Cali for a WRITING conference.

-The man pumping his gas has Cali. plates, so I thought it would be fun to talk to him. His daughter lives in San Jose.

-Met a guy at the Springfield church who was attending church in San Jose…looked it up on-line and Benny Hinn will be there at the same time I am there.  Hope I get to pray for him.

-Met some women from Redding.

-Could there be anymore confirmation? 

-Church in the Greyhound was just the beginning.  We did church in Starbucks in Kansas City, MO.  Adam (new friend) had brought communion elements with him, so we gathered a group and remembered our Lord.

-Met some people from BLaine, MN area who are working with this church that is experiencing major revival.  They have not stopped gathering for 14 months -EVERY night!  PTL

-Got to pray with MANY new friends. I love it!

-Prayed with some sweet younger people – Ivy, Nick, Brittney…living in Rochester.  THey totally want to come visit Cairo!

-Met a man who has been having dreams about ministering to people in Hollywood, people have prophesied this over him, he is also a talented, no anointed rap artist.  We had a sweet time of fellowship and prayer.  Hopefully he too will come to Cairo. 

-I got to pray over Misty Edwards in the hallway of Bartle Hall.  People were all over trying to get her autograph and she was very kind and humble.  I ask if we can pray over her.  Yes!  Okay, here we go.  We blessed her and asked for her anointing in worship to be given out to this generation. 

-I prayed with a band member of Peaches and Herb (that’s okay, I didn’t know who they were either), an R and B band that played at the KC COnvention Center.  I had a short conversation with one of the members and flat out asked him if he was a Christian.  Yes.  I asked if it was not just a Sunday thing.  Yes. Okay, can I pray over you, that the Lord would release a new song, a song from heaven?  Yes. 

-Prayed with some brothers and sisters who are starting a HOP (House of PRayer) in Washington DC.  Talk about resistance from the enemy….pray for them please. 

-Ran into some of my Mozambican brothers.  Yes!  All the way from Mozambique to Kansas City.  Three of them are staying in TX for a bit while recording a new CD.  Amazing! 

-Met a wonderful couple from TX who have begun ministering to the children.  The husband was an Episcopal Priest…he was the one who administered communion in the Starbucks!

I’ll have to write more later…that’s all for now.


3 Responses to “Divine Appointments”

  1. Asha Says:

    Okay, how amazing is our God?! Your life is a walking, “driving”, beautifully blaring testimony of the power of the King! Thank you for recording His acts. The Lord WORKS for those who WAIT for Him (kept in His promises, rooted in His character)…Isaiah 64. Keep proclaiming sis…we’ll talk soon.

  2. paulwwalters Says:

    wow that is soo cool!

    God works in some amazing ways, often vague, sometimes rather pointed. The San Jose thing reminded me of my last trip to Cairo, where I was reading that morning, just flipping through, and then the sermon later was over the exact same verses. I love that confirmation of “I’m here, I’m real”, and it’s comforting to know that. There are no coincidences!

    And church in Starbucks! That is really cool, especially how the priest just happened to be there with communion elements. 😉

    I just try to remember that those who seek Him with their entire hearts will find Him.

  3. jessmccl Says:

    lol…I can picture you saying all this.
    you make my head spin;)
    God is good.

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