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Christmas Miracle December 29, 2007

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Miracle story – yes, it IS a miracle! I was driving home for Christmas. I felt like the Lord said I would have a terrible accident, but that I would survive and it would be a miracle. No, I didn’t hear the “voice”, but I thought it and felt it strongly in my heart. I saw a vision of a cracked windshield in front of my face. Really, I thought I was maybe making it up, so I didn’t tell anyone about it, I really didn’t even pray about it. Sometimes when you feel like the Lord is speaking to you it is hard to discern if it is you or Him. That’s okay if at this point in the story you are ready to click on someone else’s album, but stick with it. It really is a miracle story!

I slid on a patch of ice that sent me swerving across the road four times, traveling at 70 mph (thank the Lord I didn’t hit anyone). I started going over the steep bank and knew that all I could do at that point was scream out for help from the the Lord. I screamed “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” There must have been some supernatural protection (I joke around that an angel was hugging me), because when I finally landed after rolling 3 or 4 times all I had was a drop of blood on my thumb from a piece of broken glass. The windows were completely broken, the windschield was cracked in a million pieces (just like the vision I saw before the accident), and the car was flipped on its side. A man came running down the hill within 30 seconds asking if I was okay, he had called 911 and an ambulance was on it’s way. The EMT men checked me out. The hospital checked me out – ultrasound on my internal organs, x-rays, the whole bit.

Everything is OKAY!


Praise God!


This is just the beginning of the stories that I have from that weekend. I ended up traveling home on a Greyhound (my fav.) and met some interesting people. It was great. I made it home safely.

Psalm 91





2 Responses to “Christmas Miracle”

  1. charredsmore Says:

    Thank you to all who were praying for safety as I traveled home.

  2. paulwwalters Says:

    wow Heather I’m so glad you’re ok! That could have been much worse! Some friends of mine had a friend die just recently in a similar situation and it was only 40mph and didn’t even flip.

    Praise God for his goodness, in all the big things like this, and in all the small things that never cross our mind!

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