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Reflection Question #3 December 8, 2007

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#3  If you had to choose one ministry for this community that the Lord would have you focus on, pray for, and lead – what would it be?  One for outreach?  Outside of this community? 

Part 1:  Raising up indigenous leaders.  Provide training (spiritual gifts and otherwise), encouragement, resources, support, prayer and opportunities for mobilization for these people.  Beautiful sheep (a proposal I wrote for ministering to the churches in Cairo) fits in here somewhere, but may look a bit different than what I originally thought.  It may take time to bring the churches into this vision.  I have a burning passion to see community saints raised up into their destinies in the Lord.


Part II:  Mobile ministry of worship, intercession, with a prophetic focus.  The Lord would invite us to different places to minister in this way.  Places could include the following:

·         Ministry partners

·         Houses of Prayer

·         Churches

·         Businesses

·         Ministries

·         College Campuses

·         Campus Ministries

·         Families

·         Land

·         Israel

·         Mozambique

Of course we need to be lead of the Spirit…keeping the balance of our commitments here in Cairo and not loosing focus.  Where Lord?  When Lord?  Invite us Lord…



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