My classroom called life…Kingdom lessons

My desire is to abide

Reflection Question #2 December 8, 2007

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#2  If you had to chose one area for spiritual growth, where is the Lord taking you?  How do you get there? 

Abiding and Obedience.  He is teaching me how to abide in Him throughout the whole day – not just in the prayer room or during worship.  All day long I have an abundantly available God who is just waiting for me to fellowship with Him.  I am learning the mysteries of John 15 – abiding – fruit – ask – expect – receive…and awesome display o the intimacy with the Spirit.


With abiding, I have been hearing more. With hearing – there is an action or re-action.  He allows me grace to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.  Starts in the mind – heart – action – behavior – lifestyle.  This is obedience.  Following His lead. 


Someone once shared a revelation with me about our dance with the Lord.  As a little girl, we dance on the feet of our Father.  We go where He goes.  We simply stand on His feet.  As a grown woman, we choose to follow Jesus’ lead.  We mature and grow and choose to follow His lead.  It takes effort, yet He is a gentle guide.  The dance tends to look a bit awkward when the woman chooses to be rebellious and not follow – there is dissonance…clashing of the will.  Stubbornness.  Submission…I choose each day, each moment. 


God told me to simply “practice”. How else do you learn a new skill?  We must practice – the same is true in my relationship with Him.  I must practice listening and practice obeying.  Through this experience He refines my listening abilities and obedience. , following His lead.  A beautiful dance.


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